Saturday, April 18, 2020

Editorial, "DELHI RIOTS: A DANGEROUS TREND", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, Vol. 16, Part 1, No. 4, 29 February 2020 issue


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that the national capital should be convulsed by ugly communal riots which seem to have never occurred since the notorious 1984 anti-Sikh riots in the wake of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, and that too the current riots occurring right at the time of the American President Trump’s visit to India, especially Delhi. This does not appear to be any sudden and unexpected eruption but reveals a deliberate and inhuman sort of plotting behind to intentionally provoke, attack, injure and kill persons of other communities, even the law enforcement officers, and in this editor’s opinion reveals the utter incompetence of the Union Government and its Home Minister who should have well anticipated all this mess and geared up the security and law and order mechanism to meet such dangers. Of course, one cannot condone the roles of various parties/ groups either. The anti-CAA protests indefinitely going on at Shaheen Bagh, a nerve center of the city, and a total roadblock due to it, was a standing provocation, aggravated by demands of the Hindu fanatic leaders to get it vacated even by force. Though the Supreme Court had to and did interfere to solve it by sending negotiators to persuade the protesters see reason, lift the roadblock and close/shift their protests, the situation was further intensified by extremists trying to extend the protests to block other centers, especially when they occupied the roads in Jaffrabad-Maujpur area and even barred entry/exit to/of a metro rail station. This generated a lot of discontent, strong provocation to the irate opponents and exacerbated the situation. But all this was only a preparation of the soil, and the real gory work of riots was deliberate and well planned and it seems the hands of Islamic terrorists are behind it if the free use of acid tanks, petrol bombs, country made pistols, guns, etc. be taken into note as also that a big number of police personnel got injured and a high ranking intelligence officer and a senior constable were cruelly killed even. Nearly 50 human lives and crores of properties have been lost and the communal atmosphere has been much vitiated. Now people should rise above petty communal considerations, do all to get law and order situation restored to normalcy first, get vacated all protests pro or against the CAA/NPR/NRC tangle and mandate that any protests can take place at only some indicated maidans for a limited period and never permitted to block roads and cause troubles to the public and inflame communal/inhuman passions. §§§

Monday, March 2, 2020

Editorial, "BUDGET AT OUR GLANCE" in Vol. 16, Part 1, No. 3, 15 February 2020 issue


It may be the longest ever speech (160 minutes) in Parliament by a Union Finance Minister, but this presented on 1 February 2020 does not look any better than the previous ones. In fact, the budget does not take into account the continuous slide down of the growth for the last six quarters and projects somewhat unachievable target of 6.5% growth rate and creates a delusion in the minds of the people. There is no substantial increase in the immediate welfare benefits to the people and DownToEarth laments that in reality the funds for women welfare programs got constricted and Chidambaram slams it for doing nothing to create jobs for the youths in the country with the growing unemployment rate now and terms the budget as a ‘laundry list of old programs’. The Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has termed it repetitive and with no strategic idea to uplift the country, Shashi Tharoor said there is nothing stimulating in it to give the kind of development we need and the Marxist party concentrated mainly on the flawed thoughts and measures on education, health care and inflation control. To us it seems largely private corporate sector oriented, further reducing the corporate tax burdens, in false belief that it will lead to growth and trickle down processes for the country’s good, ever doubtful assumption. There is no reason why corporate taxes cannot be significantly increased in a graduated scale at least to a 40% cap and as also why income taxes cannot be increased likewise to a 60% cap even. Whereas the US Federal Budget receives 50%, and UK about 28% from income taxes, we just receive 17% indicating the need to widen tax base as also increase at the higher slabs. For lower income tax payers obviously the said concessions given prove damaging when removal of standard exemptions taken into note. There should be a way and measure to have all incomes taxed, with lower incomes taxed still less, and higher still more in a graduated scale. Also expenditures on provision of basic necessities, education, public health, employment and infrastructure for strictly necessary ends need to be increased and streamlined and agriculture and industry promoted by incentives at the start up phase but taxed well after they pick up and enter the profit phase. Now almost all the agricultural landlords and capitalists are going tax free and especially the government lavish spending and the Nawab style living of the leaders at public expense have to be eliminated. Maybe this is just a thinking aloud.  §§§

Editorial, "Peace to Prosperity? Scheme of the Century?" in Vol. 16, Part 1, No. 2, 31 January 2020 issue


Having failed to deliver his pre-poll promises to American people to prove himself a Messiah of peace and prosperity instead of a Moloch of war, and having taken to failed attempts to forge peace with some, and incite coups against some other, sovereign states also, President Trump seems to have finally bowed down to the belligerent bipartisan deep state of the U.S. and its main provocateur-beneficiary the Jewish lobby and in cahoots with the Zionist terrorist Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu invented a new Peace to Prosperity Scheme of the Century purporting to solve the more than a century old conflict in the Middle East. Perhaps all this servility to the base Zionist interests may not serve him, ultimately the Mossad may cause or aid his assassination even and then put the blame on Iran, or Russia, etc. to provoke another bigger and more calamitous war to gain more advantage to Israel at the expense of American blood and money! But, with the thousand ‘NO’s by the Palestinian President Mr. Abbas, and its rejection by the Arab League too, this seems to be a non-starter for the present, though there is no guarantee that its essence would not be pushed brutally through one-sidedly. A cursory analysis of it shows that Palestinians are now left with only some stray patches amounting to less than 10% of the territorial area within a Greater Israel, instead of the original 46% of the area awarded to them by the UN Partition Plan of 1947, and except for the narrow Gaza strip under constant bombardment by the Israeli IDF, the entire State will be landlocked, and in any future conflict with Israel could be closed by the Israeli forces in no time, with no ways of retreat/escape even. Moreover, placing the entire security concerns of Palestine in the hands of Israel as per this Scheme, means it would have to languish as a vassal state forever. All this is totally against the innumerable UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions calling for Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories and self-determination to the people of Palestine. This editor opines that only if and when Israel withdraws from the occupied territories as per the UN Resolutions, and Jerusalem itself is made a corpus separatum under UN auspices; real justice and self-determination accorded to the Palestinian people and Israel itself freed from the stranglehold of the Zionist terrorist state with its apartheid policies and measures, peace and prosperity can actually dawn in that ‘accursed region’ and this Scheme of the Century is only fit to be thrown out into the Mediterranean Sea. §§§

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Editorial, "The American Deep State Is Leading Us" in Vol. 16, Part 1, No. 1, 15 January 2020 issue


to a collective ruin, if not to total extinction, it seems to us watching the aggressive actions by it through whoever be its puppet president at the helm. Only now it happens to be President Trump who had won the people’s hearts by his caustic criticism of the Middle East wars and solemn promises to pull the country out of wars and make it Great Again through innovative policies/measures. So was Bush who used the 9/11 false flag operation for his venture into an ‘international war on terror’ and devastated Afghanistan and Iraq, and so did Obama, who grotesquely extended the wars to more countries, causing the utter ruin of Libya and the gory murder of Qaddafi, as also contributed to the creation of the ISIS, the cruelest religious fanatic terrorist state in Iraq and Syria. It is now revealed that several US presidents lied to the people to draw them into various wars – Truman and Roosevelt leading them into two world wars. Well informed/conscientious intellectuals/veterans disclose that all this is the work of a neo-conservative deep state, the evolution of which was forewarned by the U.S. President, General Dwight Eisenhower way back in January 1961: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” Dancing to the tunes of such a CIA-Mossad driven deep state, Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian Major-General Soleimani, a very popular fighter-genius who planned and achieved the near-total destruction of the dreaded ISIS, trapping him by asking the Iraqi PM to invite him to peace talks. That the Iraqi PM was incensed, got a resolution passed in their Assembly to expel all foreign troops and asked the US to withdraw was of no use as ‘vote what you want, we’ll not go’ is the stubborn U.S. reply. Only the statesmanly conduct of Russia/China, the restrained retaliation of Iran, have averted a catastrophic war for the present. But, unless these greedy imperialists with their ‘destructive self-deception’ of American indispensability, are put down by the powerful voices and actions of billions of peace loving people all over the world, perhaps as Paul Edwards apprehends, it is “not impossible that the murder of Soleimani could result in a disaster of greater magnitude than did that of the Archduke Ferdinand, and that we may, in the days ahead, suffer our own 1914 and its dreadful aftermath.” §§§