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the entire international community needs to vigorously agitate. It is a shame on the conscience of world humanity that intrepid human rights activist and Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is languishing in detention since long years and millions of peaceloving innocent people are being trampled under military boots in this small neighbour of ours, which after all was a part of [British] India till 1937. It is heartening to note that eminent British lawyers have recently protested vigorously demanding restoration of democracy in Burma. The United Nations also tried to intervene by sending its special emissary Gambari but it seems his efforts to bring the military junta to peace talks have come to a naught. As long as major nations do not intervene actively – at least not support the junta with monetary and military aid as China does – it is doubtful whether the dark night enveloping the Burmese people will end soon. International sanctions againt the regime there must be and the Security Council should intervene even to the extent of threatening or initiating military action against the military rulers who are cruelly repressing even the generally respected, peaceloving Buddhist monks. More important, civil rights activists all over the world should agitate and mobilize people to pressurize China, the mainstay of the junta, to forthwith stop all aid to the regime and bring it to the negotiating table for restoration of democracy. Our Indian government also needs to be goaded to become proactive. We must even threaten Boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, making it the main plank of the pro-democracy agitation in the coming months. We urge and expect our lawyers also raise their concerted voice against the dictatorship in Burma and demand the immediate release of the beacon of Burmese liberty §§§