Saturday, July 19, 2008

Editorial: G-8 x 123 = 000, in the LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 July 2008 issue

G-8 x 123 = 000

Some of the world’s most developed States annually meet as the G-8 group to discuss the international situation and mould their contributions and actions accordingly. Of late they are also inviting other major emerging economies like China, India, Brazil etc. as observers and accordingly our Prime Minister has also gone to its recent summit in Japan. Exactly for what purpose he went, and what decisions beneficial to our country he managed to obtain there we do not know but it is said it was mainly to make the 123 deal with America palatable to all the major economies in the world that he went there. He saw and returned but it is doubtful if he conquered anything. The summit itself seems to have drawn a big cipher since no worthwhile practical measures were suggested or taken to curb the growing worldwide inflation, especially the abnormal rises in oil and food prices, and to alleviate the acute sufferings of the poor and deprived people the world over. The G-8 no doubt wanted civilian nuclear cooperation with India but that subject to the safeguards and terms and conditions of the International Atomic Agency and the Nuclear Suppliers Group and for the ends of nuclear non-proliferation. Meanwhile at home the politico-economic crisis is deepening with the Right and the Left both stoutly opposing the 123 nuclear deal, stressing the need to safeguard our own sovereign interests by avoiding any junior partnership with America. Both are angry and working feverishly to topple the Government. Even if Man manages by hook or crook to wriggle out of the predicament, one wonders whether it would be in the best interests of the country to go through a deal that is strongly opposed by about half the population at the least. All this may work out only to the above strange equation, undermining our socio-politico-economical interests in the end.