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seems to be the new axiom for the Norwegian neo-barbarians who have unjustly detained and after a trial, which looks quite unfair even by our Indian standards, sentenced our Indian Telugu couple Chandrasekhar and Anupama to 18 months and 15 months imprisonment respectively for an alleged offence of violence against their own child. It was the 17th century English poet, Samuel Butler, who in his poem Hudibras, perhaps using a Biblical root, coined the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’, which has later been adopted by and often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Truly so, and 
we have a similar axiom applicable to more variegated circumstances declaring ‘dandam dasagunam bhavet’ [the rod delivers many good results] that is also meant to work and be applied in the course of child rearing. We are aware that some of our own intellectuals recently disapproved of these two traditional axioms and the practices indicated by them saying the times have changed and the concepts of human rights and duties have transcended this constricted ancient thinking and now domestic violence, especially violence against children, is to be seriously deplored and so the Norwegians were perhaps more correct in this regard. However, this distorted interpretation of the so-called ‘good’s of the seemingly progressive thinking and law of the Norwegians, for that matter of the ‘developed’ West, overlooks the general moral degeneration in human and family relations in those countries and systems and the rise of so many other vices like drug-addiction, maniac acts of violence by spoilt children, promiscuous and abhorrent sexual practices, child and woman trafficking and above all racism, veiled or open, etc. and the rise of demonical terrorists like Anders Breivik (more fanatical and cruel than Kasab of 26/11 mayhem whom we hanged recently) and the so mild punishment of such dastardly criminals. Also overlooked is the imperative need to accord the foreign residents in any country due respect and enough freedom and facility to follow their own cultural, traditional practices so long as they do not interfere with the public peace and law and order. On both counts we people of the Orient seem to fare better than those of the Occident – especially the Norwegians – who fall so short of real ‘civilization’. §§§

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Editorial, "Right to Life: Mother v. The Unborn", in 30 November 2012 October Revolution Special issue

The sad death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland due to the stubbon refusal of the ‘Catholic’ medical staff to allow her an abortion even though a miscarriage was detected, has sparked off indignant protests not only in Ireland but the world over against such callous cruelty of an obscurantist government in this modern age and also focused the need to reconcile the conflicting rights to life of the living mother and the unborn child. The Irish Constitution guarantees the right to life of the unborn child too and Irish law outlaws any abortion by any person resident in Ireland. The only exception as pronounced by the Irish Supreme Court in a 1992 decision {reported in this issue at pp. 55-114} is when the mother faces a real and substantial risk of death in the course of pregnancy. Savita’s case falls squarely under this exception but since there are no definite guidelines as per enacted statute, which lacuna was strongly censured by both the Irish Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights, the religiously orthodox could inflict such irreversible loss on Savita’s family. In the end the mother was also thrown out with the baby! This calls for a wide debate over the rights to life of the born versus the unborn, so to put it. It is commendable that the right of the unborn child is constitutionally declared and protected but at the same time it should be harmonized with the equally important right of preservation of mother’s life too. True, not just Christianity, but even Hinduism, Buddhism and other oriental religions condemn abortion which is termed as ‘Bhruunahatya’ (foetus murder) in Hindu scriptures and ranked with five great sins. But even here, there is an exception of preserving the mother’s life. The ‘Catholic’ outrage in Ireland can be seen as a sort of over-reaction to the modern uncaring selfish capitalist culture which spurs and promotes the wild proft-and-enjoy desires of the individual even at the cost of society. The promiscuity generated/ tolerated allows irresponsible females aided by likeminded males not to care for their progeny even, which otherwise they would cherish to have and bring up. In a society with social ownership of the basic means of production and with careful social planning, the welfare of all children, legitimate or illegitimate, could be looked after well by the society itself and not left to individual whim and fancy. In such a humane socialism, any need for bhruuna hatyas just for the sake of hedonistic/base selfish desires may not arise since the society itself would take over all the obligations in regard to the child with no stigma to the mother. §§§

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Last cover page (poetry page) of LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 November 2012 Special issue

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Photostat of Editiorial, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR MALALA!, in 15 November 2012 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD

Editorial, 'NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR MALALA!' in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 21, 15 November 2012 issue.


Our friend, Tarek Fatah, a Karachi-born Canadian writer, broadcaster and a secular Muslim activist against Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, has recently started an online petition appealing for the award of Nobel Prize to the intrepid, selfless, child rights activist Malala Yousufzai, the Gul Makai of Swat Valley, Pakistan, now recuperating in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital after her miraculous survival from a deadly attack by the Taliban fundamentalist terrorists in Pakistan. Gul Makai (Malala’s pen name meaning ‘corn flower’) is also a messenger of peace between nations as evidenced by her spirited speech on 15 April 2012 appealing to both India and Pakistan to shun costly and useless conflicts and forge amity and peace for all round development of the people. Already about 1, 50, 000 persons including several luminaries signed this online petition and we expect the numbers to cross a million before the end of this year. It is remarkable that the United Nations has also declared a Malala Day on 10 November for the education and protection of girl child which has been widely celebrated, with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declaring, “Malala Yousafzai is a global symbol of every girl’s right to an education. Education is a fundamental human right. It is a pathway to development, tolerance and global citizenship.” Also Education is the single largest protector of girl children against the evils of child marriage, trafficking, etc. We fully agree with Tarek Fatah that in the face of terror, Malala risked her life to speak out for the rights of girls everywhere. Malala's bravery has sparked a global movement and we believe the Nobel Foundation should give her the Nobel Peace Prize.” As the Pakistani-British woman Shahida Choudary, herself a victim of abuse of child rights, leading a campaign for Nobel Prize to Malala stated, “Malala doesn’t just represent one young woman; she speaks out for all those who are denied an education purely on the basis of their gender.” Who else deserves better the Nobel Peace Prize this time, to be the youngest person ever to be so awarded, than this dedicated, daring 'little angel for Peace', this self-sacrificing fighter for the cause of education and health for all? §§§

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Photostat of Editorial, DIVIDED WE FALL!, in 31 October 2012 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD

Editorial, 'DIVIDED WE FALL!' in Law Animated World, Vol. 8, Pt. 2, No. 20, 31 October 2012 issue


On the eve of the Andhra Pradesh State Formation Day we once again warn our readers as also Telugu people all over the world that the hard-won unity of Telugu people after decades of people’s struggles in several fronts and the credit of being the first reorganized State formed on linguistic basis must not be dissipated on flimsy grounds and that deliberate distortion of history exacerbates regional animosities all the more. Especially it is sadly ridiculous to hear the slogans of ‘betrayal day’ hurled at that glorious event which took place five and a half decades ago. Our intense search into all the news items post 1 November 1956, or for that matter post 5 March 1956 when the then Premier Nehru announced at Nizamabad the decision to form a united Telugu State merging the then Andhra State and the then Telangana region of Hyderabad State, did not yield us a single protest event/sentiment that such unity was any kind of betrayal of people of any region. On the contrary, we found the then MLA of Nizamabad, Mr Davar Hussain, exhorting the people of Telangana to heartily work for unity, specifically observing that “though people of Nizamabad were till then Telanganaites [he meant ‘generally in favor of separate Telangana’], when Premier Nehru announced the decision in favor of united Andhra [Vishalandhra] State, there was a general ovation with not a single voice of protest from the people. It is in that spirit that Telangana people should now work for the unity and progress of the country” and that is quite laudable and exhilarating. We also remind our readers that the entire Telangana cultural and social renaissance movement was conducted successfully under the illustrious Andhra Janasanghams and Andhra Mahasabha and the star leaders of the Telangana renaissance and Telangana peasant struggle were all dedicated to the unity and progress of the entire Telugu people without any regional bias. The first Telugu book to bag the Kendra Sahitya Akademi award was ‘Andhrula Sanghika Charitra’ (Social History of Andhras) by the great Telangana leader Sri Suravaram Pratap Reddy, who always fought for Telugu unity and development. We earnestly appeal to all the people of the State, especially of Telangana region, to realize that in our amity and unity lie our progress and prosperity but nothing but sure decline and fall would result from our mindless antagonisms and conflicts §§§

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Editorial, "Save and Educate the Girl Child," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 October 2102, Volume 8, Part 2, No. 19 issue


This is our loud message in marking of the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October [2012], which all humanity lovers have to unreservedly act on. It is unfortunate and tragic that, just two days before this Day, some fanatic fundamentalists in unseemly rage selectively called out and critically shot Malala Yusufzai [‘Malala’ means ‘grief-stricken’ in Pashto] just a 14 years kid, but already world renowned child education campaigner of the beautiful but now terrific Swat Valley of Pakistan, only for the ‘crime’ of propagating the value and need of education to all girl children and daring to do that in the teeth of Taliban threats. She is now struggling for life with 50% chances of survival in a UK Hospital and we ardently wish her speedy recovery and fruitful long life. Not only in Pakistan, become a rogue state drawn into the vortex of terrorism and anarchy, but even in our own ‘largest democracy of the world’ we can witness unashamed and most cruel atrocities on the girl child and Talibanism, whether Muslim/Hindu, religious/regional, can in no way be condoned but has to be combated militantly for the very survival of humanity. It is really lamentable that “the hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity( It is irrefutable truth that only the mother in general spends and cares for the children for most of the time in any family and if girls are not protected, educated and brought up in decent circumstances how can the family progress to any prosperity. There cannot be any second thought on female education which in our country has never been in desideratum since ages. We find woman philosophers like a Gargi, a Maitreyi in ancient times and mathematics wizards like Leelavati and then our own Telugu poetess Molla who wrote Ramayana in exquisite style in the medieval times. It cannot be gainsaid that where the women are not educated and independent there the society treads but in deep darkness and encounters only pitfalls but no ascendancy to any success. We wish that every person with any element of humanity propagate this stark truth and work for the welfare and education of the girl child in all earnest.     §§§

Photostat of Editorial in 15-10-2012 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD

Photostat of Editorial in 30 September 2012 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD

Editorial, "Protect and promote Biodiversity" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 September 2012, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 18 issue


at all costs, was the key message of the Earth Summit 1992 held at Rio de Janeiro at which our former Premier late Sri PV Narasimha Rao was a distinguished participant. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted therein begins with the Preamble stating, “The Contracting Parties, Conscious of the intrinsic value of biological diversity and of the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic values of biological diversity and its components; // Conscious also of the importance of biological diversity for evolution and for maintaining life sustaining systems of the biosphere, Affirming that the conservation of biological diversity is a common concern of humankind, Reaffirming that States have sovereign rights over their own biological resources; …also that States are responsible for conserving their biological diversity and for using their biological resources in a sustainable manner, Concerned that biological diversity is being significantly reduced by certain human activities…” and calls for strict conservation and promotion of biodiversity. There are about 2 million living species actually identified by the bio-scientists so far though their guess may point to a total of 5-30 million on our planet. Biodiversity is the strategic defence of the Nature which, if upset, would have calamitous consequences for our, as well for other, bio-species. The main causes for the decline in biodiversity are habitat loss, invasive alien species, over-exploitation of natural resources and pollution and Humans are said to be the culprits to be blamed for each of these factors. The images above show some bird species that became extinct due to human depredations but thousands more of the living species are on the road to extinction due to mindless destruction of forests, reckless mining and other industrial activities leading to severe pollution etc. In our own country tigers and lions are on the road to extinction despite some recent serious efforts to conserve their species. Truly as Friedrich Nietzsche remarked long back, “Man is the cruelest animal…  Let us ardently hope that the forthcoming international Biodiversity Conference at Hyderabad in the first weeks of this October would seriously deliberate to find effective ways and means to conserve and promote biodiversity for the general well being and prosperity of all bio-species, including our homo sapiens, inhabiting Mother Earth. §§§

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Editorial, "Free Speech in peril," in 15 September 2012 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 17


all over the world, not just in our country, by the vile deeds of not only the State actors, but also of non-State actors – mostly religious fundamentalist, chauvinist, extremist groups. Especially the killing of Chris Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya and a staunch friend of Arab people, by a well-planned murderous attack, presumably by al-Qaeda thugs, is quite heartrending and mourned even by several sane elements in Libya itself. That a pervert Egyptian Coptic Christian immigrant with a past criminal record, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula @ Sam Bacile, aided and funded by an Egyptian-Muslim-convert-to-Christianity, Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, founder of the organization Media for Christ, produced and exhibited a highly critical, caricaturing, slanderous and negative-image-building film titled ‘Innocence of Muslims’ months ago can never be an excuse for fanatic and chauvinistic Muslim groups anywhere to go on violent orgies of attacking and killing persons and resorting to all sorts of vandalism. That the gory slaughter of Chris Stevens and the attacks on US embassies in Egypt, Libya and protests elsewhere occurred on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 Massacre is a definite pointer to the carefully pre-planned nature of such fundamentalist spree. Free speech is too precious a right, a virtue, to be damned by the dastardly destructive and murderous attacks of fanatics or the undue advantage taken by deceitful hate-speakers like Sam Bacile. There is absolutely no reason for Muslims anywhere to overreact and take to insane orgies of protest; they can well repulse such attacks on their religious credentials by producing better and more educative films – counter hate-speech by better propaganda. Likewise the nasty attempts and actions of the Indian State to implicate and cause punished all sorts of dissenters under the hated Section 124A of IPC with vague charges of sedition is another big assault on democracy and free speech in our country. Today it may be Aseem Trivedi or Seema Azad who face the music but tomorrow any and every lover of democracy may be in danger due to such arbitrary and authoritarian actions and statutes. This only reinforces our existing demand for the immediate repeal of Section 124A, a nasty colonial legacy, from the statute book. §§§

Editorial, 'CORRUPTION, SPORTS AND EDUCATION', in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 August 2012 issue, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 16


are hot news again, perhaps they will be ever so in our Indian conditions, with what the Coal-gate Scam stalking and stalling the Parliament now, with our country failing to get even a single gold medal in the London Olympics and the fee reimbursement imbroglio for higher, more specifically engineering, education in our State, rocking the governmental and judicial boats. To take up the last first, the very scheme was ill advised from inception, introduced out of populist vote bank considerations; it is doubtful whether it would really promote the cause of better education for a better society. Linked to the all pervasive corruption, the beneficiaries will in general be from relatively better-off sections only with the general public that cannot afford even a decent primary education burdened with the bill. Strangely when public or state sector education is being cherished and fostered in avowedly capitalist West, ‘we the people’ of India opting for a socialist democratic republic have settled for a greedy capitalist private educational system and criminally neglected the public education with even the judiciary singing the tunes of a LPG economy of the globalization phase of a degenerate capitalist system which is being loathed now by the agitated 99% all over the awakened world. Likewise, when common people can’t have even moderate school buildings with necessary playgrounds – even the ‘model’ Raj Bhavan Govt High School in Hyderabad has not a playground since decades – and requisite physical education training, how we can dream of Olympic medals. The ‘investment’ by State in education is quite meager compared to that in the developed or even many developing countries. The beneficiaries of populist schemes rarely contribute to the real development of the nation with themselves drawn into the vortex of corrupt systems of the day while the more meritorious and deserving candidates are left in the lurch. Even Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign has also, sadly, taken a U-turn with virtual desertion from the battle-field, to plunge into the cesspool of the rampant corrupt politics in the name of starting a political party, contesting elections, etc. Here we only express these laments in which, of course, our readers can, hopefully, find some suggestions too by ‘necessary implication’.  §§§

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Editorial, 'WE THE UNDERACHIEVERS' in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 August 2012, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 15 issue

on any count, if not totally failure statues, have to pause and seriously introspect as to what went wrong with us in confidently marching to our tryst with destiny and redeeming the pledges to the nation made by innumerable freedom fighters for its full independence, true democracy, economic prosperity, social justice and peaceful progress. No point in just engaging in any blame-game; ‘we the people’ have to collectively rethink the strategies and tactics to be adopted in our struggle for an egalitarian social democracy - the vision of our national leaders of various hues – like Gandhi, Bose or Bhagat Singh – instead of the current drift towards a rabid exploitative, eco-destructive capitalization process in sad imitation of the greedy and over-consuming West which achieved all its prosperity by downright swindling and pillage of the vast majority of global population in colonial times and continues to do so even now. It is true, as Pranab Mukherjee stressed in his presidential address to the nation on the eve of this 66th ‘independence day’, that British imperialism did wrought havoc; our economy, thriving in the 1750s with ~ 24% of world’s manufacture to our credit, was smashed down to a mere 1.7% level by 1900 and our growth rate during 1900-1947 was hardly 1% p.a. from which point we have come a long way to the ~ 8% growth in the last 7 years period. However, even smaller countries of Asia, not to speak of the bigger China, have outpaced us in developmental/distributive achievements and are able to showcase neater and more orderly models of growth. Especially in the last three decades we are on a degenerative dissolution phase with what communal, casteist, regional and other divisive factors dealing telling blows to the fabric of the nation and the canker of corruption eating away the very vitals of the society. Unless we imbibe the spirit of the universal man espoused by the Kannada rashtrakavi Kuvempu and, applying it to our specific conditions, seriously fight corruption in the society together with waging war against divisive factors and poverty, unless we feel and breathe the spirit of unity irrespective of the various class/caste/communal divides, ‘we the people’ of India cannot secure real redemption §§§

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Editorial, "SAAHASA LAKSHMI PASSES AWAY," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 July 2012 issue (Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 14)


The springing tigress of the Azad Hind Fauz (INA) is no more amidst us. One of the loyal aides of Netaji’s stupendous effort to free the country by armed struggle and war from outside the borders, she was humane to the core and an able, kind-hearted physician. A faithful partner of Colonel Sahgal, of the same INA fame, and an affectionate mother to Subhashini Ali and Anisa, she always held the whole world a family and assiduously worked in her clinic for the cure and alleviation of health problems and social miseries of the poor people. She was quite vocal and steadfast in her politics and pedagogy of the oppressed and that was what brought her into the communist movement. Even so, she was never, to our knowledge, a doctrinaire, authoritarian party-boss but an affectionate and helpful guide to several young and active militants working for the cause of socialism and democracy. Her faith and confidence in the democratic destiny of the country and her devotion and commitment to the cause of the unity and integrity of the nation spurred her, at a definite juncture, to contest for the Presidency of the country locking horns with the esteemed Abdul Kalam-ji in the electoral battle and it was then that this editor wrote, “Springing tiger was the emblem of the Indian National Army led by that valiant tiger of a man, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and his illustrious disciple, Dr. Lakshmi only inherited that ferocious grit. … Knowing full well that the odds are heavily against her, she has now sprung up like a tigress to counter the foxy maneuvers of the Indian bourgeois classes and to champion the causes and claims of the downtrodden people of India,” that “her contest itself will be more glorious than any victory” and that “One need not worry that the wall on writing is obvious and defeat is certain, for the very endeavour itself is noble to be undertaken in the spirit of Karmanyevaadhikarastae maa phaleshu kadachana {Worry not for the fruit of action, you have only right to do the action}!She always lived, served, fought, sacrificed and ultimately breathed her last in the same spirit, leaving a huge void in the leftist political circles and profound sorrow in the hearts of all lovers of socialism and democracy. To try to emulate her example by deed would be the best possible tribute to her indeed. §§§

Editorial, "Police atrocities in political wilderness," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 July 2012, Vol. 8, Part 2, No. 13 issue.


 The indirect ‘spat’ between Kishore Chandra Dev, Union Tribal Minister,  and the Union Home Minister, P. Chidambaram, has laid bare the hollowness of the official claims that the 29 June 2012 raid on suspected Maoists in Bijapur district of Chattisgarh was a real encounter between armed Maoists and the CRPF and State Police. Of course, the Police insist that Maoists use people of the region as human shields while confronting the security forces and hence innocent people also do or may suffer in the process, but there are some salient norms to be followed in armed conflicts when innocent or ignorant people are used in such a manner. Reckless or ‘panicky’ firing responses are not called for in such eventualities even if the first shots may be from the rebel groups. If the police had information that Maoists are holding a meeting in a village, they should have been amply forewarned that many innocent villagers would participate in it, especially in an area claimed and unofficially recognized as a Maoist liberated area. Contrary to the claims of the Director General of CRPF that the police conducted themselves with extreme restraint and the backing by Mr. Raman, Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, that it was a real encounter in which people could have suffered due to the human shield tactics of the Maoists, we find the firing being wild and jumpy with even women and children killed in its course. Though Kishore Chandra Dev has tried to downplay their internal differences saying he acted according to ‘the inputs he got’ and the Home Minister as per ‘information he got’, the conduct of the Home Minister is hasty, cold and totally unjustified. The callousness of the bureaucracy in the entire affair is truly revolting. And we do agree with Swami Agnivesh that the Prime Minister should rise to the occasion and apologize – at least for the deaths of innocent women and children and duly compensate them. The Judicial enquiry ordered may bring out the real facts and reasons for this gory killing but there is urgent need to curb the ‘panic reflexes’ and ‘trigger happiness’ of the police forces also. Finally, this acute armed conflict should be viewed more as a socio-economic problem to be solved than a mere law and order or security concern to be overcome by the use of superior armed force §§§

Editorial, "Whither Sustainable Development?" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 June 2012, Vol. 8, Part 1, No. 12 issue


 Is it the ‘Future we want’ – as the final document passed in the Rio+20 Earth Summit attended by about 100 Heads of State and Government and others in the largest ever organized environmental conference, emphasizing the goal of sustainable development asserts – that matters, or does it amount only to the ‘Future we bought’ as lampooned and torn to pieces by protesting social activists outside the main conference on 22 June 2012, and deserves to be condemned by all protagonists of equitable eco-friendly development. We too are not happy with the progress in inches projected by this document while people need to swiftly traverse miles and miles for effective remedy of ages-old injustices and injuries against the ‘commons’. Truly, the outcome of this much vaunted conference is “nothing but a political surrender to the forces of ecological destruction that now put human civilization as we know it at stake.” Talking about ‘Green economy’ involving capitalist corporations, absence of emphasis on non-capitalist development models and allusions to ‘unsustainable consumption and production patterns’ etc. only aggravate further the current globalized capitalist depredations. Perhaps the real clue lies, as one astute eco-critic (Rikard Warlenius) contends, in recognizing the ‘ecological debt’ owed by the affluent North to the deprived South. As he rightly says, “From colonial days until today, raw materials and energy from the South and the global commons, as well as their sink capacities, have been expropriated for the social metabolism of the North without properly compensating material losses, ecological degradation, labor and lost development opportunities. This has been crucial for the North's ability to secure world dominance as well as welfare and prosperity for most of its citizens, while the South's efforts to catch up constantly have been undermined. The ecological debt is hard to measure in full extent, but attempts at quantifying one important part of it, the climate debt, show that most African countries are creditors rather than a debtors, while all Northern countries have a huge debt not only to the South, but also to future generations everywhere... This debt should be acknowledged and compensated for… While repayment of the ecological debt could and should enable (sustainable) development for those who need it most, it is also clear that the capitalist economic growth in both North and South has a very high social cost and is environmentally disastrous. In the end, a new development model is needed.” Also, “Rio de Janeiro also hosted a parallel People's Summit… [where] "green economy" was rejected for a localized economy in harmony with nature and ideals of consumerism and growth abandoned for the adoption of liberated time and basic income as a prerequisite for "good life – buen vivir" for all” – and we do approve this course. §§§

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Editorial, WE THE DISARMED PEOPLE, in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 June 2012 issue, Vol. 8, Part 1, No. 11


despite the ever-recurrent demand throughout the national movement to repeal the Arms Act which the British introduced to disarm and make impotent our nation, have in our ‘wisdom’ chosen neither to repeal that Act nor to make the right to bear arms peaceably a fundamental right, as it is in the US Constitution. But that does not in any way deter the ruling classes, elite groups and criminal coteries to strut around with the show of all force of arms, so much so that every MLA or MP has or can become a chota nawab with all his armed gunmen parading at public expense and the trigger happy police too eager to fire at unarmed people protesting for various reasons at the least provocation. Traffic is at the whim and fancy of the so-called law enforcers diverted/stopped to enable such puny princes ride in joy at the cost of time and money of millions of people – all this is democracy of course with limited accountability. A learned person seriously contends on a website that right to bear arms though not specifically inscribed must be, and even is, read into the fundamental right to life under Article 21, citing some superior courts’ decisions too in support, but this editor is quite skeptical. When even a licensed revolver bearing citizen could be arrested/charged for firing joy bullets into air and the law enables or mandates to do so, and obviously that even without any harm/injury caused to anybody, and despite the existing customs in many countries, and even in states (like Bihar/Punjab) of firing into air on festive/joyous occasions {Swaggering young men shooting into the sky at weddings is part of the popular culture in rural and small-town Punjab - Tehelka}, then of what avail can this ‘reading into’ Article 21 be? This is not to lend our unqualified support to joy shooting in air but only to caution that such things have to be tackled more by persuasion/propaganda about possible/probable harm and injury to people by falling bullets than to take to hasty and nasty prosecutions to harass the citizens – that too out of considerations to irk the opposition parties, etc. More important, paying homage to Sivasagar (Com. SM recently deceased) and admiring his exquisite line that ‘the revolutionary arming the people is the poet today’ (Prajalanu sayudham chese revolutionary nedu kavi), we take this occasion to suggest that the right to bear arms peaceably needs to be constitutionally guaranteed, if only to undo the historic injustice perpetrated against us by the British as also to vindicate the fundamental rights to life and liberty of the people §§§