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Editorial, "HISTORIC HANDSHAKE FOR PEACE IN KOREA", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 June 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 11 issue


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History has many zigzags, blind alleys, unknown relief roads and also a few escape tunnels; truly it has some unthinkables too occasionally happen. Such is the historic handshake in the Trump-Kim Summit at Singapore recently on 12 June 2018. With all the fireworks and unpredictable plans of the buffoon-like American President (the ‘lunatic old man’ feared to ‘may even start a nuclear war’) matched equally by the hysterics of the Chairman of the Democratic Republic of Korea viz., North Korea (the ‘short and fat little rocket-man’ – curiously Trump more offended by him being called ‘old’ than ‘mad’!) threatening each other, consequently the entire world, with possible Armageddon by talking about their small and bigger nuclear buttons, it was really hard to imagine this surprisingly salutary and exhilarating development in international politics. Hope this would be an important step in establishing durable peace all over the world, shunning all invasions and genocidal aggressions by any country against any country, eventually result in withdrawal of American forces from all over the world and dismantling their military bases and hope Trump would really heed to the advice given by this editor long back to learn from the Indian heritage wisdom and view the entire world as one family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam) and be a ‘liberal gentleman’ (udaara charita) to work for peace. The four point agreement struck at Singapore between the two sides – 1. The US and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity; 2. The US and DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula; 3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula; and 4. The US and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified – is really of great historic importance – the 2 & 3 points certainly hinting at the eventual unification of the two Koreas too [and let the regional chauvinists of Telugu States who gained/are aspiring for separation and vested powers note this particularly and get ashamed at least in their hearts] and the last very important for the families of about 6000 American soldiers died in the horrible Korean War of 1950s during which the US perpetrated genocidal destruction and untold atrocities, and that will certainly have a ‘multiplier’ effect in the American society and, hopefully, turn the warmongering majority [among the republicans and the democrats both] eventually into a peace-loving unity. Well, let us always, and at least, hope for the best. §§§        

Editorial, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 May 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 10 issue


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And, especially, to the Middle East? Due to the aggressions and atrocities of one so-called Super Power is the entire region extending to Afghanistan and Pakistan to continuously boil in the cauldron of war? Who has given all these rights and powers to the Neoconservative genocidal elite in the United States to thus invade, occupy, terrorize and devastate country after country? Is there no conscience and remorse in the ‘hearts and souls’ of these persons who have already killed millions in the name of countering international terror and made the US the worst rogue state in history? What happened to those wonderful people of America who never thought of building any empire and for more than a century chose to be content with developing their own country and society and were averse to step into the world wars even? Where is the spirit of anti-War activists which was so conspicuous and raging during Vietnam War days and forced their governments to retract the aggressive measures? Why Russia, China, India and other countries are not reacting fast and aptly on the world scene to seriously condemn and try straighten out the crooked ways of this ‘super power’? Well, with about 40% of their own population in dire economic straits can that country be fit to be called a super power at all or is irretrievably going down the drain? Questions and questions, that beckon but get no, or but few unconvincing, answers. Of course, one should appreciate Russia and its wise and strong leader Putin for averting the catastrophe in the Middle East to a great extent – first coming to the quick aid of the Syrian Regime and ensuring the defeat of terrorists and fanatics, created, incited and aided by the rogue state of Israel and the US-UK-EU western imperialists and then displaying the necessary statesmanship and care in avoiding a collision course with the buffoonish President Trump who seems to have been sold out to the Neocon warmongers (but has Trump also turned a hawk or just trying to save his skin?). As Syrian President Assad admitted in a recent interview the American aggressiveness and illegal and unjust attacks on Syria could have resulted in a global catastrophe but for the Russian display of strong will and tact which averted that. Of course, there are a few silver linings like the proposed Trump-Kim Summit, which, though declared brashly as cancelled by Trump, is all set to happen, and of Trump regime’s declaration that they no longer propose any regime change in Syria, etc. But then, is Russia also in cahoots with Israel in the region or just being cautious not to aid the other evil of Islamic terrorism which endangers their own country too?  §§§

Editorial, "THE KARNATAKA ELECTIONS FIASCO", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 May 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 9 issue


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So many hopes cherished and illusions spread by various parliamentary parties on the recent Karnataka Elections, the results of which have busted all those dreams and declarations. Especially the parliamentary left and other self-proclaimed secular, democratic parties were propagating a lot about the crucial importance of these elections to stall the march of the Hindu communal fanatic BJP into the South, etc. and the latter were eyeing for a sure victory in Karnataka to make their inroads into the South easier. Both were foiled by the people’s mandate which was not given solidly in favor of any party. Perhaps had a pre-poll alliance been there between any two of the three contending parties that matter – Congress, BJP and JDS – the results could have been different and ensued in a definite positive mandate to this or that alliance, but all their professed ideals and declarations were not enough to enable them to come to a joint platform even. Ultimately BJP did not fare bad as it emerged as the single largest party though in the process it had fielded some of the allegedly most corrupt businessmen-politicians like Gali Janardan Reddy & Co. and the Congress did not fare that well, winning 78 seats or so only, though it is reported to have gained more votes than the BJP. Deve Gowda’s JDS mustered some 38 seats, and there are now indications of post-poll alliances or the largest single party being called to form the government, etc. All this will enable a lot of strings-pulling by the governmental and non-governmental political power circles and promote horse-trading of MLAs, which has become a common feature in this corrupt society. These elections also showed that all the talk of secularism and anti-Hindu communalism etc. on the part of the Congress and JDS and other parties is but a show and eyewash, as all these high objectives could not make them forge a pre-poll alliance which would certainly have been fatal to the BJP prospects. Also it shows how some Telugu parties in Andhra Pradesh posing as anti-BJP in the context of the state political exigencies were yearning for a BJP victory in Karnataka and overtly or covertly aiding their election propaganda and how the “Don’t vote BJP” propaganda by the ruling party of AP and other agitating fronts for special status to AP have also miserably failed. Well, whichever camp among the two comes to power in Karnataka by hook or crook, nothing so good is going to happen to the people nor are heavens going to fall down. In contrast, what is direly needed is transcending the current corrupt parliamentary politics to establish real people’s power politics. §§§

Editorial, "JUSTICE TO LATE JUDGE LOYA NEEDED", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 April 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 8 issue


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An honest and sincere trial court Judge, who was trying the false encounter case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in which the then Home Minister of Gujarat, Amit Shah, now a more powerful person as the President of the ruling BJP, was also a prime accused, has died in very suspicious circumstances in Nagpur in late December 2014. His close family members alleged they suspect mischief and foul play– one of his sisters even revealed that her deceased brother was reportedly offered a huge bribe of Rs. 100 crores for a speedy, ‘favorable’ judgment in it. Several eminent persons/ organizations to this day suspect foul play and some pro bono writ petitions had been filed in the Apex Court requesting a thorough and impartial inquiry into this very serious matter which is an open assault on the judiciary. One may recollect that when on 18 January 2018 “an extraordinary event in the history of any nation” occurred with four senior-most Judges, after the CJI, venting out their grievances against the CJI in public, in which relegating this inquiry-demanding writ petitions on Loya’s death to some other bench instead of a Constitution Bench of the senior-most judges also figured prominently, it was categorically asserted by us editorially - “This does not mean that the issues they raised are any the less trivial or vexatious. Judge Loya’s suspicious death and the manner of its cover-up is quite dangerous to the judicial system in the country,….” Now it is quite unfortunate that a 3-Judge bench under the very CJI, who also has been subjected to an [arbitrarily rejected] impeachment move, recently rejects the request for any sort of judicial/official inquiry and even gives a clean chit saying the death was due to natural causes only – this when none of the forensic, medical opinions confirmed a heart attack and suspicions of poisoning were also raised by some. When prima facie severe allegations are there, in our opinion, not even a Magistrate would venture to dispose of the cases in this cavalier fashion without ordering for a serious criminal investigation first. It is not difficult for the persons in power to stifle the opinion of the public, even that of relatives, and suppress grave criminal/ genocidal offences [e.g. 9/11 false flag operation]. Hence, this decision of the 3-Judge bench should be reviewed, with an immediate stay of its operation, by a larger bench of senior-most Judges of the Supreme Court except the CJI, and we are confident that in that course certainly the needed justice, at least to the extent of constituting a SIT under Court monitoring, would be done. Or else, we warn, democracy that is in peril may get undermined with totalitarianism engulfing us causing ruination of the country. §§§

Editorial, "TELUGU STATES IN TURMOIL", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 April 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 7 issue


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Undoubtedly, a lot of discontent and agitation brewing in both the Telugu States but right now Andhra Pradesh is in greater turmoil. Not only the people but the entire government of A.P. has turned bitterly hostile to the Jumla-making but ever-breaking Central Government run by the Prime Minister Modi, of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Chandrababu Naidu, the leader of the ruling Telugu Desam Party Government in A.P., a known administrator but proven opportunist, who was chums with Modi for about 4 years since the last general elections, has also become vexed with the callous neglect displayed by their allies toward the rightful dues of the in-a-way-orphaned State, viz., a special status promised on the floor of the Parliament by the former Premier at the insistence of the then opposition party and now ruling party leader Venkaiah Naidu and others, as also about 18 other socio-economic sops offered in the Reorganization Act itself, which have not been delivered even after repeated requests. In contrast, the 2018-19 annual budget presented by Jaitley accords a lion’s share of the financial resources to the Northern States and even hefty allotments for building of a hitech city in Gujarat – already flush with central funds, instead of urgently coming to the aid of the almost drowning State of Andhra Pradesh, which is now struggling with the burden of heavy loans, taken left and right as per the usual fashions and fiats of the current ruling parties. The Parliament witnessed some unruly agitation with all the MPs from Andhra Pradesh, this time supported by almost all opposition parties, demanding justice for the State and even repeatedly moving no-confidence motions but the puppet Speaker wantonly denying even admission of the notice and adjourning the House for thorough debates on the motion as is, and has to be, usually done. This exposes the farce of our parliamentary democracy which can easily be scuttled by a cunning and conspiring ruling party or even by anarchic and violent non-ruling parties and all the House business for the development and welfare of the people stalled for days and months together. The situation is no better in the Telangana Legislative Assembly even, with the despotic Chief Minister calling all the shots to suppress all dissidence and even manipulating to cause expulsions of two members of opposition from the House, against all democratic norms. Watching all this, one wonders whether our country is fit for some optimal democracy even, or is it fast degenerating towards any despicable totalitarianism. §§§

Editorial, "FARCE OF PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15-31 March 2018 Martyrs Memorial Special issue, Vol. 14, Part 1, Nos. 5-6 special issue

in our country has become conspicuous recently with reference to the critical situation in Andhra Pradesh as also the authoritarian and collusive conduct of the Speakers of the Parliament as also of AP and Telangana. It is quite regrettable that in a post adorned by illustrious persons like Sri Mavalankar, Anantasayanam Ayyangar, et al - now puny personalities are sitting and acting to the tunes of the ruling parties. Our Lok Sabha Speaker had no compunction to pass any bills, including the current budget proposals, without any discussion and debate even, that amidst much greater furore, but seems to have no inclination to admit the no-confidence motion against the ruling government, on the lame excuse of a handful of anarchic MPs were agitating in the Well of the House, though she has all the powers to suspend them and then carry on the business. But she seems to be acting at the bidding of her masters, and she has not resigned from the party and declared her as impartial though there is such scope in the Constitution. Likewise the Speaker of Andhra Pradesh has repeatedly turned down the requests and demands of the main opposition party that the turncoats MLAs from their ranks who defected to the ruling party be forthwith disqualified and though years have passed is not even responding on those proceedings, with some of them now in ministers’ posts even. A similar situation prevails in Telangana with the Speaker perpetrating more illegalities – even recognizing the defector MLAs as a merged group in the ruling party; and recently approving the expulsion of two Congress members on trivial charges, even without any enquiry. It is much disputed whether Indian legislatures have such power of total expulsion of a member, with no law in this regard. Both the Speakers of AP and Telangana continue to be prominent members in respective ruling parties; and that naturally enhances their bias. This is quite in contrast to the laudable situation in the Mother of Parliaments (UK) where the Speaker has to resign on election and is accorded immense respect and obedience by all the members. On the contrary, Speakers in our country are acting like virtual puppets, paving way for the ultimate extinction of parliamentary democracy. It is necessary to warn here that all such perversions would surely lead in course to total disenchantment of people with the prevalent system and pave the way for a right-wing or military dictatorship, which is more likely than any remote possibility of a left-wing dictatorship even. Unfortunately even the Constitutional Courts are not acting fast and properly in condemning such constitutional violations, and collusive and authoritarian conducts, of the Speakers and bringing some sense once again into our democratic setup.  §§§

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Editorial, "ACCIDENTAL DROWNING!", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 28 February 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 4 issue


And that in a handful of water! – the reference here is to the heckling rebuke in Urdu – “Chullu bhar paani mein doob maro!” [Go, die drowning in a handful of water!]. That was somewhat nebulous to understand but this ‘live tragedy’ in Dubai now opens to its real meaning. So, at last, one of the most talented actresses of the Indian silver screen, the lady who captivated millions of Telugu hearts as the ‘atiloka sundari[trans-world beauty], is no more. This editor was suspicious from the beginning and posted on his FB timeline on 26-02-18 that – “My initial fears confirmed, I now suspect it is coldblooded murder. Let thorough investigation go on and culprits be strictly punished if it is really murder. …there was mischief – [how and by whom] will be revealed only in thorough investigation. Up to then Sridevi's dead body … should be retained in Dubai itself ... If necessary a second post mortem also should be conducted by international experts. …She has no reason to commit suicide. TV9 and perhaps other channels too which … propagated [the story of] sudden heart attack [till now] …are now questioning whether it is accident or suicide? … I don't think Sridevi is such a weakling to commit suicide. Not only in [this] … but in the past too, in two other cases [of deaths of cine actors Uday Kiran and Ranganath] also 
I expressed, …stick to, [such] doubts.” And hopes were expressed to the extent that “…Dubai is not a country where suspicious deaths can be easily passed off as suicides … (except perhaps in cases involving their own elite and leaders) and hope the Dubai police and prosecution will meticulously unravel the secrets and contribute to the strict punishment of the guilty.” But soon everything seems to have been ‘sorted out’ in that Islamic monarchical State, devoid of democratic laws/ practices. The very next day this editor commented, ANOTHER GREAT COVER-UP!? Just now news is being broadcast that clearance certificate is given to bring Sridevi's dead body to India and a chartered plane sent by Ambanis is ready to bring. All this shows high political intervention from India to undermine the criminal proceedings and search for truth regarding her suspicious death … in Dubai.” Accidental drowning could be possible only if the person is already unconscious for any reason, otherwise it is well neigh impossible to happen in a bathtub. Earlier a similar incident of death of another actress Priya Rajvansh was also sought to be passed off as suicide but the mystery was unraveled, murder detected, and the accused, some film producers et al, convicted and sentenced too – that happened in Bombay. This editor finds no reason to depart from the above doubts/opinions, and hopes that some day, somehow, and by somebody the real truth would come out.  §§§

Editorial, "FALSE PROMISES AND EMPTY HANDS", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 February 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 3 issue


- (శుష్క ప్రియాలు, శూన్య హస్తాలు in Telugu idiom) are all that given to the State of Andhra Pradesh by the Jumla-addict authoritarian Central Government, as has become too clear from the recent 2018-19 budget allocations. There is not a whisper of any special package to A.P., let alone of the special status promised by the previous Prime Minister on the Parliament floor for 5 years, demanded by Venkaiah Naidu for 10 years as was also the poll promise of Modi in the last elections, but insisted for 15 years by the current CM of AP though all have conveniently trashed the same. But the people of AP have neither forgotten nor forgiven this ‘betrayal’ as the huge success of the recent state-wide protest Bandh demonstrates. No sufficient allocations are made to Telangana either. But here the need for serious concern is more on Andhra Pradesh’s problems as the division of the State itself was done quite unjustly, arbitrarily throwing to winds, even without a nationwide debate and discussion, the legacy and achievements of decades old struggle of our national movement and pro-people entities during the freedom struggle and afterwards for linguistic reorganization of the country, succumbing to base regional chauvinism out of murky vested interests and collusion of the then and the now ruling parties to stab the Telugu people in the back. Certainly much loss and damage were caused to Andhra Pradesh which even the backstabbers could not ignore and so had to incorporate some 19 statutory directions to help it out in addition to this promise of special status. The now ruling party soon after coming to power reneged on the assurances on the pretext of the finance commission recommending scrapping of the category of special status states itself, again a blatant lie, and dangled the carrot of a special package but now neither this nor that is visible. The budget allocations have in reality become the BJP poll-strategic spending manoeuvres and no real relief to any section of the people except the corporate rich evident therein. In such a context, the rising agitation in Andhra Pradesh for special status and due justice is quite welcome and it should be widened and intensified into a nationwide movement for exiting the current false-Hindutavadi Jumla regime, and installing a good, at least any lesser evil, government soon to protect and promote whatever ingredients of the much-publicised secular socialist democratic fabric yet remaining in the country. §§§   

Editorial, "FICTIONAL FARCE AND FALSE PRIDE", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31January 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 2 issue


of Rajputs in some North Indian States, deliberately incited and inflamed by certain obscurantist fundamentalist organizations like the Karni Sena, have created a serious disturbance in the Indian socio-political scenario. And this utter chaos and terror seems to be just a guise for an extorting and inciting campaign to further certain nefarious political and monetary ends. The film Padmavath is based on Sufi poet Malik Mohammed Jayasi’s poem on a beautiful Sinhalese princess who marries the Rajput Raja Rattan Singh and when a victimized and turned-disloyal Brahmin influences and allures the Muslim ruler with the tales of wealth, and the excelling beauty of the Rani to invade and destroy the Rajput kingdom, that ends in a tragedy of hundreds of Rajput women led by Padmavathi self-immolate themselves – a sort of mass-Sati in anticipation of the defeat and deaths of their men-folk and fear of consequent rapes, tortures and humiliations on them. And to sustain this incredible fiction woven some 2 centuries after the so-called event, the self-proclaimed defenders of Hindu faith and Rajput pride, encouraged and even aided by the ruling party and its front organizations, have created such an anarchy and terror in North India at least that even the Supreme Court had to intervene to protect the precious fundamental right of freedom of expression and even right to life and property being destroyed. It is not without truth and justice that the Pakistani daily Dawn rued: “the makers of Padmaavati have shamelessly played into the narratives of extremists, casting the Muslim Sultan of Delhi as a capricious barbarian who happily murders his way to power,” whereas “according to history, Khilji was a civilized man, a brave solider and clever tactician who saved India from Mongol hordes six times.” Also as commented elsewhere, “…if Jauhar is not condemned, the film as a message is worthless and even dangerous. …doubt whether it was a voluntary compact suicide at all and at least many of the so-called self-immolators might have been forcibly thrown into the fires. And Rajputs are also migrants to this country, settled and assimilated in the religion here, not that great warriors or protectors of/fighters for Hindu religion as being trumpeted, but many of them … cooperated with and served Mogul Emperors. Several gave their women in marriage to Muslim emperors and kings too.It is extremely important that we the people of India should not be misled and incited by such stories of fictional farce, false pride and hate ideologies and destroy our secular democratic libertarian fabric.  §§§

Editorial, "YES, ONE SHOULDN'T SELL HIS SOUL!", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 January 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 1 issue