Friday, May 23, 2014

Editorial, "ELECTIONS FIRST PHASE: REALITY SURFACING" - in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 April 2014, Vol. 10, Part 1, No. 8 issue.


The general elections 2014 have begun in India and here, the first phase of polls in Telangana are over. However, the pre-poll dog-fight between the political parties in Telangana has brought to surface some stark realities which otherwise would have lied hidden forever. One such important fact is on the so-called suicide drama enacted by Harish Rao, MLA and nephew of KCR, the TRS supremo, during the heat of the separate Telangana movement years back of pouring petrol over his body in a public meeting, and trying to set fire to it but only missing because of non-availability of matchsticks or so! This big drama was the precursor to a spate of suicides occurring among the youths of Telangana which were/are being passed off as sublime acts of self-immolation for the cause of separate Telangana, the figures being inflated per the whim of the narrators and now touted at some 1200-1500 mark. But during the recent election fray some ex-leaders of TRS themselves exposed the drama saying it was not even petrol but only colored water that Harish Rao poured over himself that day to rouse the people to frenzy. At least now right thinking persons/authorities should call for a thorough probe into the alleged suicides for such causes. The second important fact revealed by Sonia Gandhi herself in her election campaign, trying to take advantage of her getting the AP bifurcation bill steamrolled in Parliament against all democratic norms, that long before KCR, at the instance of Congress the separate Telangana movement was begun and it was Congress which always canvassed for and finally delivered the Telangana State; she also called KCR a traitor who promised merger with Congress before the Telangana decision was announced but later backtracked, thus spilling the beans about a secret deal between the two. Of course, all this was in news even before but this is an official confirmation from the so-called lion[ess]’s mouth. And Modi condemned the Congress hacking the Telugu Mother to deliver the Telangana baby, passing over the fact that it was BJP which actively assisted the ruling party in such slaughtering. All this shows the mean depths to which current opportunist and corrupt politicians sink to serve their own nefarious ends and even break up and destroy a vibrant nationality. So people, better beware of such political scoundrels first. §§§