Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Editorial in LAW, 31 October 2013 issue - photocopy

Editorial, "Nail the lies: Hail A.P. State Formation Day!" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 October 2013, Vol. 9, Part 2, No. 20 issue.


That the formation of Andhra Pradesh was a dream-come-true for the Telugu people, for an overwhelming majority in Telangana itself at that time, is an indisputable historical fact. The Goebbelsian lies propagated by the separatists that it was a betrayal of Telangana [i.e. Nizam Telangana] and that Telanganites were cheated into merger with Andhra and ever since were/are horribly exploited by Andhras – rulers, capitalists, other ‘settlers’ alike – have no basis in historical or current facts of life and socio-economic conditions. That the Hyderabad State Congress Committee under the leadership of Swami Ramananda Tirtha had, as far back as in 1953, passed a unanimous resolution for the trifurcation of Hyderabad State and merging of its linguistic  regions with the respective linguistic regions in the neighboring provinces, that a Vishalandhra movement raged in all intensity and popularity mainly in Telangana districts during 1949-56, that even the people’s poet of Telangana, Kaloji, now hailed as an icon for separate Telangana, was a fervent integrationist (veera vishalandhravadi) then and welcomed the formation of Andhra Pradesh in his typical poetic style, that the Hyderabad Assembly in its discussions on Fazal Ali Commission Report rejected its proposal to keep Telangana separate for five years before merger with Andhra, in that as many as 103 [59 from Telangana] representatives out of 174 favored immediate creation of Vishalandhra while only 29 [15 from T] favored a Telangana State and the communists of the times were leading a great movement for Vishalandhra and threatened to force a crisis by resigning and causing fresh elections to the Assembly, that after the 5 March 1956 declaration of Nehru at Nizamabad for Vishalandhra there has not been a single voice of protest from Telangana till formation of AP, that formation of AP was jubilantly celebrated all over Telangana and not a voice was raised for separation till 1969-71 and then again most of the Telangana leaders became fervent integrationists and averted separation in 1973 by foregoing Mulki Rules and Regional Committee even, and that there was again no considerable voice of protest thereafter till 2001-02, that the development and cultural intermixing of Telangana people with other Telugus proceeded at a fast pace, much faster than in case of other linguistic regions of the Hyderabad State that merged in Maharashtra and Karnataka, are all enough historical facts to nail the lies of the separatists and celebrate the formation day of Andhra Pradesh as a day of devotion and commitment to the unity and integrity of the Telugu nationality. §§§