Thursday, September 24, 2015

Editorial, "REFUGEE CRISIS OR ISLAMIC INVASION?", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 September 2015 issue, Vol. 11: Part 2, No. 17

is the question posed by the Dutch far-right Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders with reference to the now-agog ‘Syrian’ Muslim ‘refugee’ crisis transformed into a Long March to European countries. Netherlands is already troubled by the excesses of the asylum accorded/settled Muslim population in that country turning more and more fundamentalist and become a menace to the native population and cultural traditions there. People all over Europe have now come to think that ‘multiculturalism’ has come to play havoc and right extremism is growing everywhere. The danger and harm though are due to the Islamic extremists who are conducting themselves as per the Telugu saying isunta rammanTea illantaa naadannaTlu - ఇసుంత రమ్మంటే ఇల్లంతా నాదన్నట్లు - (when given, out of compassion, a little space to stay, now claiming that the entire house is theirs)!” The followers of the ‘religion of peace’ are everywhere, especially in the West, conducting themselves so violently and aggressively trying to impose their sharia law that revulsion not only against them but also against the eccentric and blundering social-democrats and other leftists has grown very much there and no wonder if in the near future this would give rise to a series of ‘new crusades’ within Europe. Well, the rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain or comfortable ones like Iran and the former Soviet central Asian republics are looking after their own ‘security’ and not permitting any refugees, their own Muslim ‘kins’, into their lands. Natasha Fatah, courageous daughter of the intrepid radical Islamic critic Tarek Fatah, has exposed this hypocrisy and selfishness on the CBC News Network. Also most of the refugees seem to be young males, ready to vandalize and use violence everywhere, only about 20% really ‘Syrian’ and perhaps about 10% are ISIS supporters trying to infiltrate into, and then commit gory atrocities. So this Editor feels and advises that not a single such refugee be permitted into Europe, if necessary normal law processes be suspended, armies called out and all these be driven out forcefully; that let all such be accommodated in the thousands of empty [air-conditioned!] tents lying vacant in Saudi Arabia and if necessary let any countries render massive aid through U.N. Agencies. Otherwise, this Editor warns, the situation will go completely out of hand, lead to terrible battles in Europe and outside – deadly blows to all democracies and to world peace.  §§§

Editorial, "CONDEMN ALL JINGOISM!", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 August 2015, Vol. 11: Part 2, No. 16

Had Modi/Rajnath Singh/Manohar Parrikar seriously perused the sincere, honest and balanced account of the history of Indo-Pak War 1965 by Lt. General Harbaksh Singh, the man who commanded most of the war from the Western sector, perhaps they would have hesitated to declare August 28-September22 three-week long celebration of ‘Indian Victory’ in national arrogance and for whipping up jingoism among the children even, at the same time mouthing eulogies, every now and then, of Mahatma Gandhi as the messenger of peace! Or is it their exquisite expertise to talk in two tongues and act in two ways. Anyway, so many impartial observers and honest journalists on both sides of the border, as also a well researched Indian Army report, produced prior to coming to power of the Modi & Co., have all pointed out to the stalemate reached in the war, the international compulsions which led to declaration of cease fire and the short lived euphoria of victory (claimed by both parties!) with heavy losses of the junior leadership in the Indian Army coming to light and finally the loss of our own honest and selfless Premier at Tashkent in mysterious circumstances. A paragraph from Sri Harbaksh Singh’s War Despatches [quoted by Shekhar Gupta on Facebook] may be enough to expose the myth: “Measured purely in terms of material gains our achievements have been very modest. We occupied approximately 740 square miles of PAK territory when it was well within our capacity to expand our hold over a far greater stretch of enemy land. PAKISTAN’s fighting potential was considerably whittled down, but so was ours, though to a lesser degree. The enemy armour was only mauled instead of being crippled, which we could have done. On the other hand, our casualties in the officer cadre were staggering compared to those of PAKISTAN. The young officers earned a grim glorification but an enormous void was created in junior leadership.” And now Captain Amarinder Singh reveals that had it been not for Lt. General Harbaksh Singh’s courage and composure not to carry out Gen. J.N. Chaudhuri’s panicky order to withdraw all our forces to the east of Beas River, we could have lost Amritsar and faced an ignominious defeat comparable to the 1962 debacle! Certainly, there is no sense at all in celebrating such stupid and cruel enterprises of human massacres. §§§