Thursday, April 29, 2010

Editorial, CIVIL WAR, in 30 April 2010 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD.

Justice Sri Krishna Bhindranwale KCR Telangana peasant fighters
certainly is not an ‘easy joke’ as Justice Sri Krishna tried to downplay the blackmailing threats of a regional don, also hinting that ‘people on the other side also have strong feelings’, but in the crazy atmosphere prevailing in our country today perhaps any such thing may not be an impossibility. Already a civil war situation is present and worsening in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and a few other regions on the question of class oppression and tribal misery, in Kashmir and the north eastern regions on the issue of disputed national identities, etc. The question is rather one of necessity and desirability of threatening/taking recourse to such wild steps. There is no denying that apart from national, ethnic, linguistic, religious, etc. identities, regional identities also exist, and even yearn for exclusive efflorescence. However, just as ‘we the people’ want to subordinate such separate identities to that of the general identity prioritizing the ‘unity and integrity’ of the nation, such regional identities must also be subordinated to, their development can be harmoniously coordinated with, the existing bigger units of governance, especially so in the case of Andhra Pradesh, which, after all, is the dream-come-true of all the Telugu people, those of Telangana included. That there are substantial numbers of people here even in the present situation of raked up parochial passions who would like to continue the current united setup should not be overlooked and Bhindranwale-ist measures to undermine and suppress such noble feelings of unity and fraternity must in no wise be tolerated by liberal, democratic masses of the country. Heroic people of Telangana, who valiantly fought the Nizam monarchy and the feudal bondage with the marching song – “Telugu Talli Biddalam, Telangana veerulam, maatrudesamukti koraku poru salpa kadilinaam!” (We children of the Telugu Mother, Telangana fighters, are marching to struggle for liberation of the motherland!) – on their lips, would, in the end, surely, we desire and hope, opt for the continuance of the largely achieved unity ideal of the legendary Nizam Andhra Mahasabha leaders of the 1940-50s despite all threats and forces to the contrary 