Saturday, January 22, 2011

Editorial: "SIXTH OPTION, THE BEST OPTION!" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 January 2011 issue (Vol. 7, Part 1, No. 1)


Strictly per schedule, the learned, intelligent, perspicacious and patriotic Srikrishna Committee, constituted to consult, study, examine and report on the Situation in Andhra Pradesh in the wake of the recent separatist and integrationist movements, has delivered its excellent report, of course not without faults and errors in fact and perception but which are like the moles on the moon, suggesting six options – (i) status quo; (ii) Bifurcation into Seemandhra and Telangana, with Hyderabad as Union Territory …; (iii) Bifurcation into Rayala-Telangana and coastal Andhra …; (iv) Bifurcation into Seemandhra and Telangana with Hyderabad Metropolis, including Nalgonda and Mahaboobnagar districts, providing contiguity to Seemandhra, as Union Territory; (v) Bifurcation into Telangana with Hyderabad as the capital and Seemandhra with a new capital; and (vi) keepting the State united by providing certain constitutional/statutory measures for socio-economic development and political empowerment of Telangana by creation of a statutory Telangana Regional Council – to rectify the horrible impasse in Andhra Pradesh with own recognition that the first three are not that desirable or feasible. Holding the last to be the best option the Committee was confident that it will receive a near unanimous acceptance by the people of Seemandhra and Hyderabad Metropolis; that, on balance, it is the most workable option in the given circumstances and in the best interest of the welfare of the people of all the three regions, as well of the entire country. We had suggested this option long back and have been consistently canvassing it amidst all separatist frenzy; so we agree and confirm, with a rider that such councils are a must for all the three regions; failing that, we recommend the fourth option, with a difference that instead of/in addition to Mahaboobnagar, Khammam district, which indeed is the district that will be hurt most by separation, may be joined in the Hyderabad Union Territory. Our impassionate appeal to the people of Telangana not to be misguided by the false propaganda of the separatists and respecting the sentiments of the majority of the State people, as also in general national interest, to consent and work for this best option. §§§


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