Thursday, March 13, 2008


All the readers of and correspondents to LAW ANIMATED WORLD are hereby informed that the e-mail account which we have been using till now has been hacked by some miscreants and we are not able to open it even. Moreover, fraudulent messages that this editor, namely MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA, had gone to Nigeria, lost all his belongings and even his mobile and requests confidentially the recepient of the message to send 3000 dollars are being sent to each and every earlier mail recepient from that e-mail account. So many friends and well-wishers have anxiously enquired from this editor the real state of things and were shocked to know about this fraud. It seems some coterie among Yahoo employees who operate or use the servers or some other very versatile miscreants are behind this fraud. We do not know for what other dirty purposes too they may be using this e-mail account now. So we have decided to trash that e-mail account since all our efforts to at least open it once to at least copy the erstwhile address book in it have miserably failed and our earlier complaints to Yahoo Administrators have gone futile.
As such each and every one of the readers, well wishers and acquaintances of the LAW ANIMATED WORLD and its editor are hereby warned not to use that e-mail account ever again. We will not be responsible for any anxiety, tension or loss that may incur such persons who disregard our warning or who have already unwittingly done so. We will intimate our next e-mail account through this blog and also print it on the next issue of the journal but till then the readers, acquaintances etc. may use the account to correspond with us through the net.
Sorry for the trouble and thank one and all.