Saturday, October 25, 2014

Editorial, PEASANT SUICIDES IN TELANGANA, in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 October 2014, Vol. 10, Part 2, No. 19 issue


Though it is a very sad and really awkward topic to comment on at this juncture of the nascent State of Telangana, it seems quite essential too. Now, there is no redeeming First Cause of a separatist movement in the account of which all such heartrending happenings could easily be put; nor is there any justification for a psychic chauvinist government to yet make any third parties responsible for what is so evidently a consequence solely of the Tuglaqian policies and measures of governance. Telangana has been a power deficit region and due to the adjustment policies in the united State, a lion’s share was allotted to Telangana consumption much above its population proportion. Now that Telangana has become a separate entity, perforce it has to fend for itself. The share of allotment of power generated through central power production units in the united State as indicated in the AP Reorganization Act 2014 may only be a temporary solace and is also subject to several riders. Instead of concentrating on the imminent power crisis from the day one of its installation, the State Government of Telangana has been focusing on other extraneous matters and also resorting to repressive measures against the people’s liberties. Instead of counseling the agitated farmers, no doubt severely suffering due to non-supply of enough power for their irrigation purposes that has much ruined their agriculture, and so livelihoods even, they have been deliberately ignoring, even repressing, their agitation. The Telangana CM himself declared irresponsibly that neither he, nor his/anybody’s ancestors come alive, could supply adequate power for the next three years; a further provocation to the already broke and disappointed farmers who are committing suicides in droves. This government is in the main responsible for this tragic development though the distorted development policies and measures of the erstwhile governments also play a contributory part. One solution lies in the present government publicly and honestly assuring all the farmers that their losses, and lives, will be taken care of and nobody need worried unduly about their future; and then enter into a meaningful dialogue with the Centre and other states to devise ways and means to solve this intricate problem instead of concentrating on making whipping boys of this or that person or party or sections of people. §§§