Saturday, September 27, 2014

Editorial, 'THE GREAT DECEPTION!?" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 September 2014, Vol. 10, Pt. 2, No. 17 issue.


Well, it could very well be so. Especially if one observes the almost free fall of the WTC 7 tower, not hit by any plane/body, it appears as a controlled demolition and so the non-mentioning of even the fact of its collapse in the 9/11 Commission Report, and ascribing of a silly reason for the same in the NSIT Report which in its turn slighted the 9/11 Commission Report, surely indicates a massive cover-up by the then government of America, which alas continues to this day. Many of us have all along opposed American invasion of Iraq, on the allegations of Saddam Hussein’s belligerent and harsh measures and his alleged possession of the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction, which ultimately proved fraudulent with not a single WMD found anywhere but even so the Iraqi President, who might have been despotic in his own country but was a rare secular Arab leader of the day, mercilessly executed by a lackey government through a Kangaroo Court trial amidst worldwide protests. But none of us had an inkling that the American extra-territorial expansionist policy and measures could have been built on the basis of a horrendous homicidal crime perpetrated on their own people through this 9/11 carnage, which, per what the 9/11 Truth movement or several war veterans/military-intelligence officers of America now reveal and accuse, is certainly a dirty work of the notorious Bush-Cheney gang then in power. Even the US intervention in Afghanistan was excessive and counter productive. Their recent intervention in Syria in aid of the very al-Qaeda and other fundamentalist outfits and its proxy war on Assad of Syria, another secular Arab leader, has generated the ‘Frankenstein Monster’ of ISIS, a religious fanatic terrorist outfit whose atrocities are so horrendous. It is a matter of utmost shame, even of grave crime, on the part of the US as also the developed democracies of the West that they could not launch an effective criminal investigation into this crime of the century with the UN also supine. We join the voice of the 9/11 Truth Movement and demand an impartial and comprehensive criminal inquiry into the 9/11 incidents, preferably through the United Nations, by an international tribunal comprising of eminent jurists, lawyers, engineers and other experts from all over the world to find out the real causes/ persons responsible for this calamitous crime. §§§

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Editorial, "Alas, the Giants are Departing" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 August 2014 issue, Vol. 10: Part 2, No. 16


one by one – gargantuan in their respective fields, with superb motivation to serve humanity in general. Their extraordinary achievements in diverse arenas are but contributions to the cause of common human weal. This editor fondly remembers his school days when all the students – generally film goers – would split into two camps of ANR-NTR fans and heatedly argue as to ‘ANR goppaa? NTR goppaa?’ [who is greater hero – ANR or NTR?] and gradually realization would dawn that both were great, unparalleled-in-their-respective-specialized-characters actors who had mesmerized the Telugu film watching public in those days. They were a competing, if not rival, duo in the eyes of people then. In contrast the friendly duo of Bapu-Ramana commanded the Telugu film sector to an extent in recent decades. Bapu’s versatility in art, direction and production is indescribable and sadly his body now extinct, following his demised friend, a magician of the written word in Telugu. Well, as time passed, the fascination for films waned and this editor as also many of the growing up students were drawn into the vortex of academic, social and political developments in the country and some into the movements to ‘change the society’ [samaaj ko badal dalo] when acquaintance first and camaraderie next with giants in political and social transformation movements had taken place. That is how a M.T. Khan and a Bipan Chandra came into the socio-political circle of contacts to this editor and the former was more of a comrade-in-arms, as a revolutionary writer, in the movement for social and human emancipation that shook the country in the late sixties and seventies, which continued to the present day with Khan Saheb more and more immersing himself in and guiding the human rights movements. And Bipan Chandra, a doyen of progressive historians in India, with his in-depth, scholarly studies into the history of the freedom struggle and communist movement, was a sort of Dronacharya for several Ekalavya disciples like this editor. This very personal note is to profoundly condole the passing away of these eminent personalities and, paying them glowing tributes, to rededicate ourselves to their noble ideal of universal human welfare in the sublime spirit of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (entire world one family). §§§