Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Editorial, 'ALL FUNDAMENTALISM DESPICABLE', in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 September 2015 issue, Vol. 11: Part 2, No. 18

Ya, not only bad but utterly despicable and vehemently condemnable. And good or bad, the word ‘fundamentalism’ is used nowadays only in the pejorative sense but not in any positive sense of imbibing the best values in the fundamentals of a religion/system, and so here too it is used in that sense only. If I am sick at some religious fundamentalist beheading an ‘enemy’ and exhibiting that on YouTube even, how can I be enamored by and worshipful towards a ‘goddess’ who not only beheads the ‘enemies’ but even flaunts a necklace of the cut-off heads? Because human sacrifices were not only permitted but also revered in many religious systems in the past and also cannibalism was prevalent in many tribes of the past and in the lore of the past [Bheema drinking the blood of Dusshasana!], can we condone or tolerate such things in the modern times? Obviously NOT! Of course, this would extend to condemning all animal sacrifices in the public too, though to condemn all animal slaughter may be too ahead of the day, since a majority of population, for good or bad, is non-vegetarian. However, it may be pointed out that in these times of scientific, technological revolution non-non-veg substitutes for non-veg foods are also coming out and tomorrow those may be the craze of the day and vanquish all animal killings even. That would be in conformity with non-cruelty and empathy with all living species. Wait, would the censure then extend to vegetarianism too since it is said trees and rocks may revolt saying ‘we too have life’! Frankly, ‘I donno’. Well, halting here, there is nothing wrong in any laws for banning/regulating cow/cattle slaughter in our country as it would be in right consonance with Article 48 of our Constitution. But would it extend to a total beef ban? No, not at present or in foreseeable future, and certainly even if banned, it would not be an offence punishable with death. So there the fundamentalists are again on the wrong and, also, don’t they know that the biggest beef exporters in India are Hindus?! Can anyone say killing and exporting meat of cows/cattle is OK, but killing and eating that here is bad? Then, another question arises as to whether expressing ideas about ‘good’s or ‘bad’s of cow-slaughter, etc. is also blasphemy and fit to be banned. Whether asking if a ‘prophet’ was really a prophet and whether he really hailed from a high caste or whether he was in fact a Hindu or outside the pale of Hinduism should be suppressed? Then, why Prof. Kalburgi was silenced by a roaring gun?     §§§