Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Editorial 'CORPORATE CROOKS AND COMMON MAN' in 15 January 2009 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD

Read below the Editorial: 'Corporate Crooks and Common Man' in 15 January 2009 issue of LAW:

New Year has not augured well for the world economy, with what two major global economic frauds coming to light shocking the world populace out of their fascination for greedy capitalism. Called by some the biggest fraud in corporate history, the Madoff Scam in America has with one lightning stroke wiped out billions of dollars of accumulated savings of several big trusts and also other wealthy, greedy money-savers. If it is the good old Ponzi wine in a new bottle that played havoc in the Wall Street, it is our Andhra industrial icon Raju’s obsessive greed for realty and quick buck that upset our Sensex and the perhaps up to now biggest 7000 crore rupees corporate fraud in our history is quaking the entire nation. In either case, SoS shrieks are out for State intervention to save these now ‘helpless, well-meaning, honest but somehow bungling’ tycoons in the guise of protecting the livelihoods of comfortably placed software professionals or savings of the neo-rich upstarts. In our case the hand of the corrupt politicians in power is quite patent with what thousands of crores of public moneys so liberally and hastily channelled to Satyams - straight and reversed both, but more to the latter - obviously for huge kickbacks. At this juncture the only right course would be to let Satyam declare itself bankrupt and face all the penal consequences of law instead of trying to bail it out with thousands of crores of public moneys and further damaging the economy and conditions of the vast masses by staggering inflation and financial crises. There is no need to create any state-run zombie, called Shivam or Sundaram. We do not want any socialism for the rich but genuine social welfare and development measures for the poor and needy common man. The corporate criminals and corrupt politicians should not be let walk away lightly – ‘mere few weeks or months in jail due to wealthy criminals’ would not do. We may not shoot our scamsters here but ought not to spare them in the least either §§§

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year and Nava Sankranthi!

Wish you all a Happy New Year and Nava Sankranti 2009!

Editorial "Say 'No' to War!" in the 31 December 2008 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD


More than a month after India’s nine-eleven (Bombay’s 26/11), it is almost clear that this terrorist mayhem has been engineered and planned in Pakistan, under the guidance of the Pakistan Army, especially the notorious Inter Services Intelligence. Their main objective seems to be something like hittng two birds with one blow – to wriggle out of their commitments to the US and NATO about fighting Taliban terrorism in their northwest frontier and tribal areas and at the same time stoke up the Kashmir cauldron once more by creating a warlike situation with India. The reports that top Taliban leaders declared to fight a jihad against India in support of the Pakistan Army in case of any such war breaking out is a sufficient indicator of the close nexus between Islamic terrorists and the Pakistan military. But whether the masses of Pakistan who have just recently come out of the iron grip of the military and are trying to breathe democracy and liberty once again will blindly support their nefarious designs, swept away by fundamentalism and jingoism, is a big question. On our side also there is no dearth of chauvinists crying for blood and obliteration of Pakistan by fighting a final war. However, all sane elements shun such warmongering and are certain that war cannot be an option, particularly at this point, since it would be nothing but falling into the trap set by the Pakistan Army and the Islamic terrorists. Apart from the certainty of immense human tragedies and genocidal excesses happening, the very thought of a communal madcap with a nuclear stone in hand across the border should deter us in this regard. Wisdom lies in keeping low for the present, strengthen our intelligence and security, forge solid alliances with world powers – not only US but also Russia and China, try our best for peaceful resolution of disputes and, failing that, at an apt moment in future, take stern retaliatory action to wipe out or disable not only the terrorist camps but also the military nucelar installations in Pakistan §§§

Editorial OBAMIASMA in the 15 December 2008 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD


Barack Hussein Obama, half-black, half-white, half-African, some Asian, purportedly born in Hawai, so American – whether natural born or naturalized or native citizen, whether irregularly practiced Islam in his childhood or not but baptized by the Black ‘Trinity United Church of Christ’ and recognized the ‘power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change’, certainly deserves all the praise and our hearty congratulations to this great Afro-American who believes and inspires that ‘Change Can Happen’. Like Castro we do not call into question his ‘great intelligence, his debating skills or his work ethic’ but certainly suspect the course of his claims about a ‘seamless transition’ as does Bill Van Auken in World Socialist Website and also question his ‘pragmatism’ which Christopher Hayes of The Nation decries saying: “…privileging pragmatism over ideology … misses the point… Indeed, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, "pragmatists" of all stripes … lined up to offer tips and strategies on how best to implement a practical and effective torture regime; but ideologues said no torture, no exceptions. Same goes for the Iraq War, which many "pragmatic" lawmakers – Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter – voted for and which ideologues across the political spectrum, from Ron Paul to Bernie Sanders, opposed. Of course, by any reckoning, the war didn't work. That is, it failed to be a practical, non-ideological improvement to the nation's security. Principle is often pragmatism's guardian. Particularly at times of crisis, when a polity succumbs to collective madness or delusion, it is only the obstinate ideologues who refuse to go along. Expediency may be a virtue in virtuous times, but it's a vice in vicious ones.” We could not have put it better, and hope the US President-elect comes out of this miasma and with ‘audacity of hope’ works for a novel, benign, humane change not only in the American internal affairs but also external policies, contributing for peace, prosperity and sustainable development of all countries, big or small §§§