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Volume 3: Part 2 31 August 2007 No. 16
1. Douse the Nuclear Fire! 1
2. Bhagat Singh Birth Centenary 2, 59
3. Section 123 of AEA, 1954 3-7
4. Non-Proliferation Treaty 8-11
5. Operation Paget Inquiry Report (on Diana Death) 11-14, 51-52
6. Rowlatt Report 15-16, 45-46
7. CRC Report 17-18, 43-44
8. Constitutional Complaint by Ms. K … [GER-FCC] 19-42
9. Human Rights violations by US 47-50
10. To Build a Fire, Jack London 53-58
11. Poems by Robert Burns 60
Pictures: 1. 14 kiloton nuclear explosion, US (1951); 2. The Nagasaki Nuke (1945); 3. Chinese H-Bomb test; 4. Our ‘Smiling Buddha’ crater (Pokharan, 1974).
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In the bustle and din surrounding the 123 Agreement by Bush and Man, many in India seem to have forgotten the Hiroshima Day (August 6) and the pledge of all peace lovers in the world to actively work against nuclear weaponization and for complete disarmament. One ought to remember that “the first and only nuclear weapons used in war destroyed two cities killing more than 2,00,000 people by the end of 1945. The radiation … continues to cause cancers, mutations, and birth defects [to this day].” Also that “over the six decades of the nuclear age, every site worldwide, involved in the mining, milling, production and fabrication of uranium, for either weapons or ‘peaceful’ energy, has left a lethal legacy of radioactive waste, illness, and damage to our genetic heritage. Indigenous and colonized people have borne a disproportionate share of the suffering …. Plutonium, created by burning uranium fuel …, stays radioactive for more than 250,000 years and we still haven't figured out how to safely contain it. So-called ‘depleted’ uranium metal, a by-product …, has been manufactured into armaments used by the U.S. …, spreading illness and death through toxic and radioactive contamination.” We strongly condemn the contentions of merchants of nuclear death who are very active these days crying hoarse about the ‘clean, cheap and green’ nuclear energy even after the 3-mile-island and Chernobyl disasters. Though not a single nuclear reactor has been installed in US since 1979, they are unabashedly offering 6-8 nuclear reactors to India and eventually our ‘smiling Buddha’ would only leave behind a ‘wailing Indica’. All friends of humanity – no matter whether right, left or centre in politics – in India or anywhere in the world – have to come forward to condemn such mad proliferation campaigns. ¨¨¨

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