Friday, January 16, 2009

Editorial "Say 'No' to War!" in the 31 December 2008 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD


More than a month after India’s nine-eleven (Bombay’s 26/11), it is almost clear that this terrorist mayhem has been engineered and planned in Pakistan, under the guidance of the Pakistan Army, especially the notorious Inter Services Intelligence. Their main objective seems to be something like hittng two birds with one blow – to wriggle out of their commitments to the US and NATO about fighting Taliban terrorism in their northwest frontier and tribal areas and at the same time stoke up the Kashmir cauldron once more by creating a warlike situation with India. The reports that top Taliban leaders declared to fight a jihad against India in support of the Pakistan Army in case of any such war breaking out is a sufficient indicator of the close nexus between Islamic terrorists and the Pakistan military. But whether the masses of Pakistan who have just recently come out of the iron grip of the military and are trying to breathe democracy and liberty once again will blindly support their nefarious designs, swept away by fundamentalism and jingoism, is a big question. On our side also there is no dearth of chauvinists crying for blood and obliteration of Pakistan by fighting a final war. However, all sane elements shun such warmongering and are certain that war cannot be an option, particularly at this point, since it would be nothing but falling into the trap set by the Pakistan Army and the Islamic terrorists. Apart from the certainty of immense human tragedies and genocidal excesses happening, the very thought of a communal madcap with a nuclear stone in hand across the border should deter us in this regard. Wisdom lies in keeping low for the present, strengthen our intelligence and security, forge solid alliances with world powers – not only US but also Russia and China, try our best for peaceful resolution of disputes and, failing that, at an apt moment in future, take stern retaliatory action to wipe out or disable not only the terrorist camps but also the military nucelar installations in Pakistan §§§

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