Sunday, May 3, 2009

Editorial: "Electoral Equations and Eelam" in 30 April 2009 issue of LAW

Will his be the last laugh?


Jayalalitha Vaiko

A poet had so beautifully put it that ‘in the womb of every defeat lies hidden a victory’. This exactly seems to be the case with the much hunted LTTE leader Prabakaran. Precisely when on the brink of total defeat and possible capture/death, his popularity has shot to meteoric heights. It may not be an exaggeration to say that he is the most charismatic and popular figure in Tamil Nadu today and the entire Tamil Nadu politics, especially in the background of the coming parliamentary elections in May, is revolving round the horrible plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and the tragic situation of the LTTE facing complete liquidation exacerbated by the sting of Sri Lankan victory howls which cut at the self-respect of Tamils all over the world. Leaders of the like of Ramadas, founder of PMK, have likened him to Netaji and lauded him as a great freedom fighter. Truly one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and that is why and how, despite the grave blunders and excesses by himself and the LTTE, Prabakaran has become the apple of the eye of a majority of Tamils. And today, even Jayalalitha, once bitterly opposed to the LTTE and herself hunted by them, turned a strong supporter of Tamil Eelam, of course election gimmicks forming a big part of her passion. And Karunanidhi should be reminiscing his days of rapport with Periyar and the good old Dravidanadu campaigns. We already know Vaiko of MDMK being a great fan of Prabakaran. Earlier once we had already cautioned that unless something urgent and meaningful is done for relieving the impasse of Sri Lankan Tamils and the mindset blaming LTTE for everything is changed, Tamil Nadu itself may burn in future. Prabakaran live or dead is going to be a big problem for India and wisdom lies in keeping him alive and free and try negotiate and settle with him. We reiterate the same lest the Tamils all over the world, in no distant future, should look to shift the demand, location and flames of Eelam to Tamil Nadu itself §§§

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