Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Law Animated World brochure


A world law fortnightly published from Hyderabad, India.

Owner, Printer and Publisher: I. Balamani
Editor: I. Mallikarjuna Sharma

ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Lakshmi Sahgal (INA Colonel), V.R. Krishna Iyer, O. Chinnappa Reddy,
B.P. Jeevan Reddy
(Former Judges, SC), P.A. Choudary (Former Judge, APHC), Surendra Mohan (Ex-MP),
Prof. R.V.R. Chandrasekhara Rao (Politics), Umesh Chandra (Senior Advocate, Lucknow), Ravi Kiran Jain (Senior Advocate, Allahabad), Colin Gonsalves (Senior Advocate, Delhi), K. Subba Rao (Senior Advocate, Bangalore),
K.G.  Kannabiran (Senior Advocate & National President, PUCL) & Ms. Chandan Ramamurthi (Advocate, Delhi).

This is a journal meant to inform the public about the necessary details regarding important developments of law all over the world thus contributing in general to the cause of human progress and welfare. We are all members of one great human species and it is the grand noble ideal always projected in our country since very ancient times to view the entire world as one family - vasudhaiva kutumbakam. This law fortnightly has been formally started in March 2005 but prior to that for one year it appeared in almost regular fortnightly bulletins. We are committed to the ideals and causes of progress, democracy, liberty, equality, fraternity and human welfare in consonance with environmental improvement and universal harmony. Politically we are dedicated to and so would like to project the virtues of scientific socialism but at the same time we refrain from being closed-minded and try to be in the know of and also report about the various other streams of thought and analysis abounding all over the world. As the title of this journal indicates we largely confine its scope to law-reporting with, of course, occasional and necessary incursions into the fields of economics, sociology, history, politics and culture. This is no ordinary law reporter but a unique journal of its type in our country. We will be making, as and when necessary, some ‘ruthless criticism of all existing conditions’ in the columns of this paper in addition to reporting valuable judgments and decisions by various international and foreign courts and forums including, of course and occasionally, our own courts. The goal of scientific socialism we will never forget but it will be enriched and modified as needed by considerations of liberty, democracy and humanity. Hope the readers would understand and appreciate our ideals and intentions and wholeheartedly encourage and assist us in our endeavours.

We are grateful to the many friends and well-wishers who have so far extended their moral and monetary support. But there is great need to rapidly increase the circulation of the journal and also augment its lean coffers. We request and hope that many more friends and well-wishers would come to our aid and appeal to one and all to publicize this journal, enroll more subscribers, enlist liberal donors and also try securing some advertisements at least.

The annual subscription for this law fortnightly is fixed at Rs. 800/- (Rupees Eight hundred only) for the year 2009.* Life subscription is fixed at Rs. 9000/- (Nine thousand only) Advertisement tariffs:- Inner cover page: Rs. 8,000/-; Full page: Rs. 6000/-; Half page: Rs. 3000/-. Subscriptions/Donations/Advertisement charges may be sent by Cheque/DD/MO in favour of:
LAW ANIMATED WORLD to I. Balamani, , 6-3-1243/156, M.S. Makta, Opposite Raj Bhavan, HYDERABAD-500082
{Ph: 040 - 2330 0284; E-mail: mani.bal44@gmail.com} – Rs. 75/- to be added towards bank charges for outstation cheques.




[I. MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA], Editor                                                        [I. BALAMANI], Publisher

* Subscriptions whenever paid will count from January to December of the year (back-numbers of that year will be supplied to the subscribers). Annual subscription $ 150 abroad (postage extra).

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