Saturday, December 5, 2009

Editorial SEPARATION IS NO SOLUTION in 30 November 2009 issue of LAW ANIMATED WORLD


Swami Ramanand Tirth Suravaram Pratap Reddy Burgula Ramakrishna Rao Ravi Narayan Reddy
Great leaders of Hyderabad State and Andhra Maha Sabha who strived for unity of Telugu people

to the vexed Telangana tangle which has again cropped up in all intensity due to the precipitate action by the president of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti, which, incidentally, was routed in the last general elections at the hands of forces opposed to its aims and aspirations. Unable to gulp this disdainful rejection by the electors, and deciding not to contest in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections lest most of its candidates should suffer ignominious defeats, that leader has resorted to vituperative and threatening tactics to rake up emotions which is not that difficult to achieve in this country full of superstitions and surcharged sentiments. However, one cannot forget that the entire history of the Telugu people and even the history of their existence and struggle under the autocratic Nizam show that there were cherished instances when all of them were and strove to be united and the present regional divisions did not exist – nor will they exist for all times. With great difficulty and much agitation, all people speaking Telugu as mother-tongue achieved first a small and later a bigger state to fulfill their dreams but millions more are left outside in other states without proper facilities and opportunities to grow and freely develop their language and culture. This is not to suggest that there will be/are no regional differences/imbalances and there is no need to strive for regional autonomy within the existing unity, but to point that regrettably the Telugu people are now divided due to malevolent political elements led by exploitative socio-economic sections of the society and, much against the innate wishes and aspirations of the overwhelming majority, minority sections are trying to force a separation that is not conducive to Telangana’s interests even. Contrary to the false propaganda of the separatists, Telangana did achieve remarkable development in a united state, of course subject to the general underdevelopment syndrome in the country, and the best interests of the Telangana people themselves dictate the need to stay united and lead the entire state forward 

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