Sunday, October 21, 2012

Editorial, "Save and Educate the Girl Child," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 October 2102, Volume 8, Part 2, No. 19 issue


This is our loud message in marking of the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October [2012], which all humanity lovers have to unreservedly act on. It is unfortunate and tragic that, just two days before this Day, some fanatic fundamentalists in unseemly rage selectively called out and critically shot Malala Yusufzai [‘Malala’ means ‘grief-stricken’ in Pashto] just a 14 years kid, but already world renowned child education campaigner of the beautiful but now terrific Swat Valley of Pakistan, only for the ‘crime’ of propagating the value and need of education to all girl children and daring to do that in the teeth of Taliban threats. She is now struggling for life with 50% chances of survival in a UK Hospital and we ardently wish her speedy recovery and fruitful long life. Not only in Pakistan, become a rogue state drawn into the vortex of terrorism and anarchy, but even in our own ‘largest democracy of the world’ we can witness unashamed and most cruel atrocities on the girl child and Talibanism, whether Muslim/Hindu, religious/regional, can in no way be condoned but has to be combated militantly for the very survival of humanity. It is really lamentable that “the hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity( It is irrefutable truth that only the mother in general spends and cares for the children for most of the time in any family and if girls are not protected, educated and brought up in decent circumstances how can the family progress to any prosperity. There cannot be any second thought on female education which in our country has never been in desideratum since ages. We find woman philosophers like a Gargi, a Maitreyi in ancient times and mathematics wizards like Leelavati and then our own Telugu poetess Molla who wrote Ramayana in exquisite style in the medieval times. It cannot be gainsaid that where the women are not educated and independent there the society treads but in deep darkness and encounters only pitfalls but no ascendancy to any success. We wish that every person with any element of humanity propagate this stark truth and work for the welfare and education of the girl child in all earnest.     §§§

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