Saturday, February 4, 2012

ditorial, 'NEW HORIZONS', in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, Vol. 8, Part 1, No. 1, 15 January 2012 issue

need to be explored and traversed towards to meet the fresh challenges facing us. Social democrats of these new times have to come out of the rut of orthodox ideologies and strategies to counter and overcome the worldwide menace of the current fast developing phase of capitalist globalization and to suggest ways and means to join hands with the peoples of all countries – developed and developing both – to forge a wide powerful front for a novel breakthrough towards an eco-friendly human-centric socialization of basic means of production and equitable distribution systems. Nationalism exceeding reasonable limits has always been the scourge of humanity and that in collaboration with modern capitalism has resulted in cannibalistic imperialism of the old and new varieties. Mere scientific progress and technological advance are not enough and the both-edges sharp razor can cut to pieces the bright future of humanity even, especially of the future generations. The energy question has to be addressed and solved in promotion of eco-balance. It cannot of course be dealt with in a class-neutral or force-relinquishing manner either though the traditional class equations and violent internecine class wars may not be the only or optimum solutions. The overweening reliance on fossil fuels or nuclear power has to be shunned and the more enviro-genial solar, wind and green power alternatives have to be adopted with more research and development efforts in those fields leading to a more harmonious ‘win-win’ situation among different sections of the people sharing in the general prosperity. Revolutionary or extremist parties, groups and persons may not just laugh away our suggestion to green the planet more since they would themselves realize the beneficial effects of ‘more foresting and less felling’ if they try to and do implement such measures in their own spheres of influence. Modern science and technology if made more socially useful – small and beautiful – can work wonders and to a large extent mollify the wild animosities and Kolaveris (killer-rages) intensifying the exploitation of man by man and harshly dividing the human communities §§§

Wish you a Happy New Year and Prosperous Pongal (Sankranti) 2012!

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