Friday, December 25, 2015

Editorial, PARIS TRAGEDY AND ISIS TERRORISM, in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, October Revolution Special issue, 15-30 November 2015, Vol. 11, Part 2, No. 21-22


Reminding the world of the horrific Bombay terror attacks of 26/11, a gruesome massacre of almost the same proportion rocked the French capital on 13/11 this year. Suicide bombers cum militant armed attackers, numbering about 8-10 in all, in different areas of Paris, certainly with covert support of scores/hundreds of other fanatics therein, have killed at least 130 innocent citizens, injured many more and left it as a practical declaration of their Jihad to invade and occupy the West sooner than later. With the official organ Dabiq of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL; also called ISIS, Daesh etc.) proudly claiming, in its recent issue, this gory act as their work by illustration on the front cover page of  French troopers attending to the terror victims with the tag JUST TERROR, and immediately in the Foreword (perhaps they mean it editorial) announcing it to be their work in revenge for the war unleashed on them by Russia, France and other Western powers, it may be taken as confirmed that it was a deliberate well-designed massacre plan and no wonder if some other rogues states, apart from the Daesh, were covertly involved in it. Some lines from the above Foreword in Dabiq are worth quoting: “Like Russia, it was blinded by hubris, thinking that its geographical distance from the lands of the Khilāfah would protect it from the justice of the mujāhidīn. It also did not grasp that its mockery of the Messenger would not be left unavenged. Thus, the Islamic State dispatched its brave knights to wage war in the homelands of the wicked crusaders, leaving Paris and its residents “shocked and awed.” The eight knights brought Paris down on its knees, after years of French conceit in the face of Islam. A nationwide state of emergency was declared as a result of the actions of eight men armed only with assault rifles and explosive belts.” So it can be safely inferred that there was no question of this having been a false flag operation, by the home state at least, and the tenor of the ‘foreword’ which has no pity or remorse at the death of and injuries to hundreds of innocents, including women and children, exposes the enormous proportions of the menace of fundamentalism and a new barbarianism now being faced by the people the world over. It is to be noted that with such international terrorism running rampant in the world, it would be extremely difficult for the progressive democratic and socialist forces to conduct or consolidate their movements and strive for real, people-friendly socio-economic transformations through militant mass movements and upsurges, since they would be targeted by both the ‘right’ and the misguided ‘left’ in their attempts to do so; as such, without hesitation, they should join in, and where possible even lead, the struggles against such fundamentalist terrorism, at the same time preventing their degeneration to racist or religious bigotry. §§§

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