Sunday, April 17, 2016

Editorial, "TIME TO END RESERVATIONS," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 January 2016 issue, Vol. 12, Part 1: No. 2


has no doubt arrived. This system, in its current grotesque form in our country, cannot be deemed reasonable or equitable like any just and valid reverse discrimination measures as exist in some democratic countries, but is basically a divisive policy measure that strikes at the roots of our unity in diversity. All this mess is a consequence of the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the British imperialists, who introduced political reservations to Muslims as a ploy to antagonize them to the budding national movement for self-rule, largely participated in by the Hindu masses. The Morley-Minto reforms duly introduced those and it was continued till the end of the British Rule despite the objections raised by Mr. Montagu at first while proposing his Reforms Scheme in 1918. The Round Table Conferences and the Government of India Act had further deepened the malaise, with Dr. Ambedkar actively canvassing for separate electorates for depressed classes, which was averted only due to the sagacity and intervention of Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders. But, after freedom, this system was further broadened and in my opinion worsened, with all and sundry communities – even those economically developed to a fair extent – being accorded not only political but also public education and employment reservations. This has created a deep dent in the society, inflamed passions and conflicts between the communities and continues to do so. The psyche of people turns bizarre with each community taking glory in claiming a record of backwardness instead of taking pride in its meritorious contributions and progress. The recent deplorable developments fanning base casteism and related violence/hate politics that occurred in the Hyderabad Central University and Godavari districts is but one example of the degeneration that set in our society. Weighing all pros and cons, this editor has come to a firm conclusion that time has come now to call for a sunset i.e. demand abolition of these reservations – political, educational or employment related – for the good of the country and achieve it by a process of gradual elimination within utmost 20-30 years from now and thereafter retaining any such reservations to a minimal extent only to benefit genuine economically/physically challenged persons and to reward exceptionally talented persons, cutting across all communities.      §§§

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