Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Editorial, " 'PURATCHI TALAIVI' PASSES AWAY," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 December 2016, Vol. 12, Part 2, No. 24 issue

puratchi talaivi’ passes away

in mysterious circumstances in a corporate super-specialty hospital in Madras, with the true causes and real conditions of her ailments never revealed but the entire matters suppressed in utter secrecy in a sort of ‘deep State’ said to be controlled by a Mannargudi Mafia in connivance with or perhaps even under the commands of the near-fascist central government that is running amok now. This veil of secrecy totally blinding the eyes of the public, who in millions deeply mourn the loss of this ‘revolutionary leader’, is unthinkable in a democracy with a minimum sense of transparency, accountability and respect for the public opinion. It rather reminds us of the banana republics of modern days or the palace intrigues of the olden times. Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the intelligent, erudite and talented cine actress turned politician-become head of government, who launched several welfare schemes for common people in Tamil Nadu and that way become the darling ‘amma’ (mother) of masses in millions, but also earned notoriety in political circles with her wayward conduct and corrupt practices, at times suffering obloquy and imprisonment too on that count, is an admirable, strong-willed and free thinking lady no doubt, who certainly contributed to the ‘pennin perumai (‘greatness of woman’ – the title of her debut speech in AIADMK sessions which captivated the audience, and paved the way for her eventual successes) and was one steadfast chief minister who could always stand up to the undue meddling of the power intoxicated central governments and strongly supported the sovereignty and autonomy of the states pleading for a genuine federal democracy. Her Rajya Sabha speech of 1984 declaring, quoting Dr. Ambedkar, thata Federal Constitution means, that the provinces are as sovereign in their field, as the Centre is in the field which is assigned to it,” and closing with approval of the invaluable warning words of Dr. B.C. Roy that “An attempt to build a strong Centre on the Foundation of weak States, is like an attempt to build a strong building on the foundation of sand,” is indeed a precious piece to be cherished by all votaries of federal democracy. In all the gloom of the sheeple meekly following the powers that be, glad to note that there are some rays of light with some determined, democratic minded persons/groups speaking out for a judicial probe on her medical treatment and eventual demise, and we too demand a comprehensive judicial inquiry into the circumstances and causes relating to her tragic and, to say the least, suspicious death. §§§

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