Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Editorial, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 May 2018, Vol. 14, Part 1, No. 10 issue


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And, especially, to the Middle East? Due to the aggressions and atrocities of one so-called Super Power is the entire region extending to Afghanistan and Pakistan to continuously boil in the cauldron of war? Who has given all these rights and powers to the Neoconservative genocidal elite in the United States to thus invade, occupy, terrorize and devastate country after country? Is there no conscience and remorse in the ‘hearts and souls’ of these persons who have already killed millions in the name of countering international terror and made the US the worst rogue state in history? What happened to those wonderful people of America who never thought of building any empire and for more than a century chose to be content with developing their own country and society and were averse to step into the world wars even? Where is the spirit of anti-War activists which was so conspicuous and raging during Vietnam War days and forced their governments to retract the aggressive measures? Why Russia, China, India and other countries are not reacting fast and aptly on the world scene to seriously condemn and try straighten out the crooked ways of this ‘super power’? Well, with about 40% of their own population in dire economic straits can that country be fit to be called a super power at all or is irretrievably going down the drain? Questions and questions, that beckon but get no, or but few unconvincing, answers. Of course, one should appreciate Russia and its wise and strong leader Putin for averting the catastrophe in the Middle East to a great extent – first coming to the quick aid of the Syrian Regime and ensuring the defeat of terrorists and fanatics, created, incited and aided by the rogue state of Israel and the US-UK-EU western imperialists and then displaying the necessary statesmanship and care in avoiding a collision course with the buffoonish President Trump who seems to have been sold out to the Neocon warmongers (but has Trump also turned a hawk or just trying to save his skin?). As Syrian President Assad admitted in a recent interview the American aggressiveness and illegal and unjust attacks on Syria could have resulted in a global catastrophe but for the Russian display of strong will and tact which averted that. Of course, there are a few silver linings like the proposed Trump-Kim Summit, which, though declared brashly as cancelled by Trump, is all set to happen, and of Trump regime’s declaration that they no longer propose any regime change in Syria, etc. But then, is Russia also in cahoots with Israel in the region or just being cautious not to aid the other evil of Islamic terrorism which endangers their own country too?  §§§

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