Saturday, April 16, 2011

Editorial, 'Crusade Against Corruption' in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 April 2011 Martyrs Memorial Special issue


can be said to have made a significant and successful beginning with veteran social activist Anna Hazare’s fast unto death at New Delhi and the unprecedented solidarity and support it received from millions of people, especially youths and civil society groups, across the country cutting across all parties and communities, totally exasperated by this vexed pandemic. Though earlier too on many occasions and by many persons, including late Jayaprakash Narayan, efforts were made to fight against corruption, this seems to be the first time that any such nationwide movement directly against this canker was launched and finally the Union Government was forced to bend before the people’s concerted agitation. Though corruption has become all pervasive in our society and is degrading all sections of the people, yet it is this disease at higher levels that is the chief criminal and if something can be done to effectively curb it there, we hope the malaise can be gradually rooted out from the vast masses too, who in any way are more of a sort of victims than abettors. There is some caustic criticism against Anna’s tactics during the fast, with some even going to the extent of accusing him of blackmailing a government at its critical time. But it is always a compelling need for any people’s movement to take advantage of the precarious moments of the governments or evil forces arrayed against it, though of course with no below-the-belt tantrums. Then, there is just criticism too that not all the fighting sections were given due place in the Committee and the representation from civil society therein is mainly cornered by ‘Anna’s group’ so to say. We also feel both father and son need not be there in it, etc. and more or equally competent persons from the nation-wide campaign against corruption can be inducted. Anyway what matters is that a strong and effective Jan Lok Pal mechanism should be eventually installed through these endeavors and that will certainly bring in palpable improvement in the now dark and degenerate ethical and political situation in the country and in the process contribute to the general and healthy socio-economic development too §§§

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