Saturday, April 30, 2011

Editorial, 'MASTER OF MAMMON' in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 30 April 2011 issue


he certainly proved to be though all the tall claims that he was but an incarnation or messenger of God were definitely not. It seems we Indians have a peculiar addiction to such ingenious perverts once they don saffron robes, perform some cheap magic tricks and utter carefully rehearsed sermons on spiritual matters. Otherwise it is hard to explain the charisma this ‘avatar’ has wielded over millions of people including the VVIPs of the country and all this despite the well-documented exposes by rationalists like late Premananda, et al. At least after the gory murders in his bedroom in 1993, about which two analytical pieces were published in Nov-Dec 2005 issues of this journal also, some good sense must have prevailed over the minds of people and especially the governments and the police ought to have sprung into action and rigorously investigated and taken to task the fake Baba and his cohorts but alas that was not to be. Even though the Baba himself was, admittedly, an eye-witness to the murders he was not questioned and made a witness even, let alone being accused of the crime, and the whole matters hushed up according to the later scathing criticism of experienced police officers like V.J. Ram. Now, after the demise of the ‘god-man’, the legacy of his multi-thousand crore empire is at stake and people are really worried that the enormous wealth he amassed, in various questionable ways to say the least, may be pilfered and misused by a hypocritical coterie to the detriment of society. As such we feel and appeal that the Government should step in and take over the trust to run the affairs smoothly and invest its enormous moneys for good ends. There is a criticism, somewhat justified, that Hindu religious/spiritual endowments are alone interfered with and usurped for various extraneous purposes by the governments, which dare not touch like institutions of any other religions. Hence, it may be appropriate for the government to create a strictly impartial, statutory Board of Endowments and deal with all deviant and suspicious endowments of any religion through its channels for the general welfare and progress of the people at large §§§


Narender Reddy said...

Very polarizing article amounting to libel. Completely disregards the spiritual and social comfort Sathya Sai Baba has provided to tens of million. By providing free advanced healthcare to thousands of poor without any discrimination at the various hospitals, free education all the way to masters and doctoral degrees at universities he setup, drinking water to the drought stricken districts in the south and city of Chennai through highly complex projects, Sai Baba has achieved what governments in India could not achieve in decades. Sai Baba did not have a bank account and lived like the middle-class in India would. I am no God believer, but this I.M. Sharma seems to have some personal vendetta against the Sai Baba. And his bias, and libelous statements based on hearsay/opinion exposes his poor understanding of anything in the legal world.

I.M.Sharma said...

When hypocrites of the highest level like Bhagwati ex Justice, SC,are there to sing songs of Satya Saibaba, I don't wonder about Narender Reddy's philippics. However, he is advised to visit Barry Pittard's blog to know more about Sai Baba's bunglings. He may go to: first and then follow the links there.