Friday, June 21, 2013

Editorial "CHANGE THE WORLD, SAVE THE PLANET" in 15-31 May 2013 issue, Vol. 9, Part 1, Nos. 9-10 of LAW ANIMATED WORLD


Yes, to save our planet from utter ruin (terracide) by the current capitalist industrialization processes and social systems, it is essential to change the world i.e. the modes of production, distribution and governance presently oppressing the world people. On this depends even the survival of our Mother Earth – the only planet in the universe known to generate and support any bio-species. As in case of all progressive movements, which till date have recorded significant successes in achieving basic human rights and civil liberties for the people in general, it is the working classes of the world who have to stand and fight in the forefront of the struggle for such a crucial change. As Marx and Engels declared long back, working classes cannot liberate themselves except by liberating the whole society from the trammels of the suffocating capitalist order and ultimately obliterating their own existence for the emergence of a classless society of cooperating individuals. The present trend of hazardous industrialization and greedy profiteering processes have brought ruin to the ecosystems in the world and given rise to the dangerous climate change phenomena threatening the very existence of the life systems. In this background, everywhere among the most progressive sections, the concept of eco-socialism is gaining ground. It sees the ultimate welfare of the humankind in harmonious living with all other bio-species and on the destruction of the inhumanly greedy capitalist globalization processes by fully protecting the rights of the Mother Earth and of all humans as dignified individuals. The importance of such an initiative and struggle by the people is once again underscored by the recent Occupy-Gezi protests in Taksim Square, Istanbul which started as righteous protests by a few individuals against the razing of the Gezi Park but have now snowballed into an immense mass movement encompassing lakhs of people from not only the working classes but several other sections of the society, fighting for the protection of their environmental wellbeing as also for the destruction of the oppressive capitalist systems. We wish every success to the Turkish people as also the people of the world in this and such other seminal struggles §§§

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