Friday, June 21, 2013

Editorial "NaMonia and Changing Equations" in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 June 2013, Vol. 9, Part 1, No. 11 issue


The political landscape in India is changing fast with different national and regional parties preparing for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in 2004 and the raging NaMonia [a term coined to describe the fanatical admiration for the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in BJP circles]  in the most potential challenger – the Bharatiya Janata Party – is disturbing not only the general secular-minded public but also causing much discontent among veterans in that party even, as illustrated by the recent resignation drama enacted by Lal Krishna Advani. Though it is true that more bloodshed has been caused in communal riots during the Congress regimes than under the BJP rule, the definite commitment of that party to a pro-Hindu political and governance system coupled with the atrocities against minorities in Gujarat under Modi have made that party a virtual outcast for several centre/left parties. Strangely, that party patriarch, Advani, who was indeed responsible for the rise of Hindutva forces by his famous rath yatra and then destruction of Babri Masjid and commitment to the construction of Ramjanambhoomi Mandir, all of which were key factors catapulting that party with mere 2 MPs to the ruling echelons with Vajpayee as the No. 1 [and PM] followed by himself as No. 2 [and Dy. PM], alone could have to some extent mollified the aversion and discontent of other parties towards BJP by his more mature and more-liberal-now approaches. But, it is perplexing and also saddening to see such a veteran, who should have been normally accepted as the No. 1 and pushed as the prime ministerial candidate, being shunned by younger upstarts in that party out of their NaMonia. Now that Nitish Yadav of JD (U) has also broken alliance with the BJP, it seems the coming elections can be damaging to it and lend a definite advantage to the incumbent ruling party, though it is steeped in the mire of corruption, loathed by the public in general and badly mauled by attacks from the left-extremists and other terrorists. Parliamentary left parties, with no vision or program for forging a left democratic front even, seem to be in the lurch and may but tail this or that centre/left national/regional parties with all their illusions about, and in their peaceful march to, parliamentary socialism.  §§§

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