Friday, April 14, 2017

Editorial, "RACISM ON THE HIGH IN THE U.S. NOW?", in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 28 February 2017, Vol. 13, Part 1, No. 4 issue

And is it because the ‘White racist’ Trump has become the President now? Certainly if our presstitute media is to be believed, but definitely not if the real facts and circumstances are properly looked into. Also it is the worst sort of temerity to accuse a country or its rulers to where you run like rats to hail on and glory in the ‘foreign returned’ or ‘US working’ insignias. That too being in a country where at any time you can see – upper castes hate lower castes, lower castes fume with ire toward the upper ones, backward castes hate upper castes and dalits both, and these both despise the backward ones, orthodox Hindus abuse Muslims and Muslim fanatics rave rancor toward Hindus, etc. etc. And murders, rapes, etc. emanating from all these galore, with no need for guns even to commit all connected excesses and atrocities. Truly, people living in glass houses must not throw stones. All this is also hate propaganda, some may say, and justify with plaudits and platitudes on communal harmony, cordial contacts between various castes and religious communities, mutual tolerance and deference for the downtrodden, etc. and accuse people of magnifying the bad things. That may also be true and that’s what exactly attempted here to highlight. For example, Vamshi Reddy’s murder in Milpitas was not due to racial hatred but by a crazy felon and drug addict absconding from law and perhaps he (Vamshi) fitted ‘the sad cliché of being in a wrong place at a wrong time’ as a discerning correspondent Scott Herhold in Mercury News remarked and then clarified: “That one [accusation of exacerbated racism because of Trump being the cause] is almost certainly untrue. For starters, police did not charge the suspect with a hate crime. … Whatever the president’s flaws, the shooting cannot be laid at Donald Trump’s feet.And the caught suspect bears a Hispanic surname! Well, Kuchibhotla Srinivas’ shooter appears to be a racist but seems a bit senile too, and is on record having stated he shot two Middle Eastern men! Harnish Patel was much loved by the Lancaster society and it is doubtful if racial hatred is the cause for his murder. So, can one generalize and decry racism as the real cause behind these events and further lay the blame at Trump’s door? Substantial study, good grasp, ample analysis and appropriate attitudes, especially when in, or vis-à-vis, foreign countries, are the need of the hour but not such disinformation spread and rude wrath poured out due to unbalanced imaginations regarding racism, Trumpism, et cetera. §§§

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