Friday, April 14, 2017

Editorial, "UNPERISHING FLOWERS OF HUMANITY," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15-31 March 2017 combined, Martyrs Memorial special issue, Vol. 13, Part 1, Nos. 5-6


In the context of the unforgettable martyrdom of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and other comrades, who were basically non-conformist internationalists demanding and fighting for, in the then circumstances, independence to our country, with their cherished slogans of “Long live Revolution!” and “Down with Imperialism!”, the glowing tributes paid by late Comrade P.C. Joshi while meeting the Kayyur martyrs prior to their hanging at their cells in Cannanore Jail come to mind: “… across the verandah – there was a sort of flower bed. Without a thought, what was inside me got formed into a sentence. "Those flowers are perishable. You, comrades, are the flowers of humanity that will never perish".” How exquisitely put, and how truly it applies to all the great martyrs of our freedom struggle. Time and again it has been stressed in these columns that we owe our political independence as also all the successes, and trials, in our persistent and indefatigable struggle to achieve the needed socio-economic independence and development too, to the pioneering and consistent contributions of various groups and individuals working strenuously to overthrow the colonial rule and usher in a free democratic socialist society by all possible means including waging intense armed struggles against the ferocious enemy. The heroes and martyrs to whom our reverent tributes are being paid in the title cover page of this issue are among such pioneers who, giving up their relatively comfortable lives and livelihoods in a foreign land, came rushing to their motherland during World War I to wage a Gadar i.e. rebellion, as they called. Unfortunately their plans and measures were foiled, most of them caught and jailed. Ultimately sentenced to death in the First Lahore Conspiracy Case Kartar Singh Saraba, Vishnu Ganesh Pingle and five others were hanged – to take their names into the Roll of Honour of many such martyrs who perished in body, but not in spirit as they believed, and most of them yearned to take birth again to continue the fight. It is remarkable that Kartar Singh Sarabha – just a 19 year old ‘kid’ it might be said - was like a deewana parwana (mad moth) passionate to plunge into the fire of freedom and burn to ashes, and refused to file any mercy petition. He is said to have “put the noose around his neck himself and laughed away death and immortalized himself.” He became the idol for Bhagat Singh, who faithfully followed in his footsteps to a later, similar glory. Hundreds of others suffered and many perished in various jails and in transportation at the Andamans, but remaining firm in spirits unto the last. Our glowing tributes to all these fighters and unflinching commitment to their ideals. §§§

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