Sunday, September 23, 2018

Editorial, "CORRUPTION, FAVORITISM, BLACK MARKET," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 15 August 2018 issue, Vol. 14, Part 2, No. 15 issue

ruling the roost, whither will your country degenerate? – cried in anguish the great Telugu poet Sri Sri some five decades back. The situation has deteriorated fast since then and now there is nothing but these three evils to talk about in the society. Every political party comes to fore shouting rosy promises to eliminate these and construct a dream society of honesty, truth and progress but when come to power always reneges and succeeds in excelling the predecessors in these qualities! The recent Rafale fighter planes deal struck with a most corrupt French aviation company Dassault – whose inheritor and till recently Chairman-CEO [Senator] Serge Dassault was fined two million euros for tax fraud, barred from holding elected office for 5 years and spared jail only because of his advanced age, and quite recently kicked the bucket too – is the biggest defence scam in the country recently committed by the current government headed by our loquacious Prime Minister. The Ambanis, Adanis, Nirav Modis and Vijay Mallyas are flourishing at the expense of crores of people languishing in misery, left only with empty assuaging words of sab ka saath sab ka vikas (together with all, developing all) and the like promises – given a new meaning and twist by the ruling party president, who should have been actually in jail for his direction of and involvement in a false encounter case, but for the suspicious death decried as deliberate murder of Judge Loya, as Jumlas (empty words of promise meant not to be fulfilled)! The rejection of Ambanis in this deal by the previous Manmohan Government and fixing HAL, a famous public sector company, as the partner of Dassault with 70% of the contract terms allotted to it for a total of 124 planes – not confirmed then only in view of the forthcoming elections, has been completely overturned to award an excess of about one thousand crores for each plane, and reduced to 36 planes in a take-away condition with no technology transfer but inclusion of the upstart and inefficient Ambani company as a partner, as a bhagidar (sharer) in the big corruption. Add to this the hiring away of the historic Red Fort to the Dalmias and the lynching sprees by the so-called gau and Hindu Dharma rakshaks, e.g. the recent murderous attacks on the revered human rights leader Swami Agnivesh, to get at the eerily awkward picture of governance in the country. As Arun Shourie is so painfully emphasizing everywhere, the next elections may be the last occasion for the people of the country to change for a better, a secular, at least less-communal and less-corrupt ruling clique – a lesser evil – or else perhaps the Orwellian Big Brother nightmare may become a reality in our country. §§§

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