Sunday, September 23, 2018

Editorial, "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATIONS SHOULD BE BARRED," in LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 31 July 2018, Vol. 14, Part 2, No. 14 issue


and totally at that; and the already entered and settled illegal immigrants, especially in the eastern part of our country, should be immediately disenfranchised and treated as foreigners cum temporary refugees to be deported at the earliest. The present central government, in its own interests, has taken or is taking some solid steps in that direction, but unfortunately the misguided opposition and left parties including other opportunist or fanatic parties and groups are raising a hue and cry on it, forgetting or deliberately evading the facts that it was during and by the previous regimes that the Assam Accord was struck and later developments occurred which intended to curb and streamline such immigrations into the country. It sounds very impressive to talk about a ‘World Without Borders’, and this editor too is a votary of that ideal, but that is well-neigh an Utopian ideal for the present, for the achievement of which gradual, meaningful and practical measures on many fronts, in many fields world-wide are needed. We must remember that this land is traditionally called Hindustan and the majority of people living here identify with a religion or way of life called, rightly or wrongly, Hinduism, which is basically nature-worshipping, polytheistic (including atheist), and at the same time adheres to some monotheistic ideals too – a very peculiar ancient way of life, assailed from all quarters, but continuing since centuries. It is one big and strong bulwark against intolerant creeds, or the fanatic and aggressive sections of those, of the world so rampant nowadays, and any whittling down of its strength and population in face of the campaigns/orgies of the ever-proselytizing religious communities, will not do any good but only much harm not only to our country but also to the world community at large. We must also notice that since independence the proportions of population of Hindus in [West] Pakistan and Bangladesh [East Pakistan] have been deliberately and drastically reduced but the proportion of Muslims, the major minority community, has increased rapidly outpacing the rate of growth of the majority and other communities here; and in Kashmir valley an ethnic cleansing has taken place driving out almost all the Kashmiri Pandits with violence and atrocities. As such the large numbers of illegal migrants, mainly from Bangladesh, not only in Assam but also in West Bengal and perhaps in some other states too, also pose an existential threat to our polity, especially if we notice the phenomenon of the much-dreaded and the world-over-reviled fanatic terrorist ISIS having its strong presence in Bangladesh and also in Kashmir valley to an extent. §§§

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